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ESPN STAR Sports & Singtel Unveil ESPNEWS on mio TV

ESPNEWS, the first 24/7 sports news channel specially dedicated to Asian sports fans is now available in Singapore.

Singapore, 18 November 2009 - ESPN STAR Sports, Asia's top sports content provider, and Singtel, Asia's leading communications group, have announced the launch of ESPNEWS,  the first 24/7 sports news channel specially dedicated to Asian sports fans, on Singtel's mio TV platform.

Consisting of highlights, scores, updates and comprehensive sports information, ESPNEWS will feed the Asian sports fans' insatiable appetite for real-time sports news and action from their favourite sports.  The new channel will deliver content from local, regional and international sporting events in a viewer-friendly format. Whether it's scores from overnight European football matches or results from sports events that take place around the world from different time zones, ESPNEWS will keep fans up-to-date with the latest at anytime of the day.
The channel's layout  features four main data streams - a 'video window' carrying all the exciting sports action and highlights; a 'bottom line' graphic streaming results and upcoming fixtures, a 'top line' graphic which provides a continuous update of news, and the 'sideline' graphic which will provide the latest standings, rankings and statistics  from the top professional leagues around the world.
Said Mr Manu Sawhney, Managing Director, ESPN STAR Sports, "As Asia's leading sports broadcaster, the launch of ESPNEWS, the first 24/7 sports news channel dedicated to Asian sports fans, is a defining moment for us and I'm delighted to share this with our valued partner Singtel. Launching ESPNEWS on Singtel's mio TV platform is a demonstration of our commitment to serving the sports fans and meeting their changing needs.  ESPNEWS's innovative format and presentation represents an ongoing process on our part to present most engaging, informative and relevant content to our diverse audiences across Asia in a unique and creative manner."
"We are very excited about welcoming ESPNEWS as the first of several ESPN STAR Sports channels that will be coming onto the mio TV platform.  mio TV is fast gaining traction as a serious player in the sports broadcasting arena, and we are certain that the synergy that comes out of this partnership will ensure an excellent experience for all sports fans in Singapore," said Mr Tim Carmichael, VP of mio TV, Singtel.
Developed with a state-of-the-art graphics system, ESPNEWS' on-air presentation boasts of a contemporary look and feel designed to channel vast amounts of information and statistics into clear streams of information delivered via a viewer-friendly interface. The channel's layout will also offer advertisers the flexibility to be more creative in their on-air elements and provide innovative branding and sponsorship placements opportunities.
Currently launched with an English voice-over, ESPNEWS will also be available in Cantonese and Bahasa Melayu at a later date. 
To subscribe to ESPNEWS on Singtel's mio TV platform, fans can call 1800 737 1111, order directly from the TV portal or by visiting any Singtel shop.  The channel is currently available free to all mio TV subscribers till 17 December, and subsequently will be available at no additional cost to those who sign up for the Barclays Premier League 2010/11 with ESPN STAR Sports Channels Early Bird offer.  It will also be available on an a la carte basis at $8.90 (excluding GST).  For more information, visit
ESPNEWS is already available in Myanmar, the Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam and will berolled out across other markets in the region in the coming months.
About ESPN STAR Sports
ESPN STAR Sports is a 50:50 joint venture between two of the world's leading cable and satellite broadcasters. As Asia's definitive and complete sports broadcaster and content provider, ESPN STAR Sports combines the strengths and resources of its ultimate parent companies - Walt Disney (ESPN, Inc.) and News Corporation Limited (STAR) - to deliver a diverse array of international and regional sports to viewers via its encrypted pay tv services.
ESPN STAR Sports showcases an unparalleled variety of premier live sports from around the globe 24 hours a day to a cumulative reach of more than 310 million viewers in Asia. ESPN STAR Sports has 18 networks covering 24 countries, each localised to deliver differentiated world-class premier sports programming to Asian viewers. This includes ESPN SEA, ESPN China, ESPN Hong Kong, ESPN India, ESPN Malaysia, ESPN Philippines, ESPN SEA 2, ESPN Taiwan, MBC-ESPN (Korea), STAR Sports Asia, STAR Sports Hong Kong, STAR Sports India, STAR Sports Malaysia, STAR Sports SEA, STAR Sports SEA 2, STAR Sports Taiwan, STAR Cricket and ESPNEWS.
On the ground, the ESPN STAR Sports Event Management Group manages and promotes premier sporting events around Asia. ESPN STAR Sports aims to reach consumers at any time, any place and through all new media platforms, both internet and mobile. The multi-lingual, online platforms,, and interact with millions of users providing them with in-depth sports news, results and competitions. Developed for the sports fan that is constantly on the move, mobileESPN enables the serious sports fan to follow their favourite sports more closely than ever before with a combination of specially produced video news clips, in-depth news coverage and analysis.

About mio TV
mio TV is the innovative digital pay TV service offering from Singtel. Launched in July 2007, the service offers customers value and full flexibility to watch what they want, when they want. Within two years, mio TV has signed up over 100,000 customers.
Currently, mio TV offers a total of 59 channels, of which 23 are on-demand channels. Content on mio TV covers a wide range of genres as well as Singapore's largest range of video-on-demand titles and High Definition content.
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