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HTC Dream goes on sale at Singtel retail stores tomorrow

HTC Dream goes on sale at Singtel retail stores tomorrow


Singtel gives sneak preview on innovative local Android applications

Applications developed to meet lifestyle needs of the Singapore consumer
New plans with bundled talktime, SMS & unlimited data download


Singapore, 20 February 2009 -- Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singtel) today announced that it is collaborating with local application developers to introduce innovative Android applications to mobile users in Singapore.


Android applications customised for Singapore customers


Customers can look forward to enhancing their mobile lifestyles through localised mobile applications that Singtel will introduce soon.  For example, with SG SavvyShopper, customers simply scan the product barcode using their phone camera and the application will immediately search and display the prices of the product sold in other outlets in Singapore as well as online websites. Besides price, customers can get product information such as ingredients, nutritional value and product reviews. This allows them to make more educated and informed purchase decisions.

Mr Yuen Kuan Moon, Singtel’s Chief of Consumer, said: “To encourage more innovative applications for the Android market, Singtel is working very closely with the industry to help develop local applications to meet the lifestyle needs of Singaporeans and redefine the users’ mobile experience. With a free open-source mobile platform like Android, customers can enjoy the convenience of everyday applications from social networking to location-based tools directly from their mobile phones, enabling them to work and play with the device.”
Mr Seah Seng Choon, Executive Director, Consumers Association of Singapore, said: “Consumers want to make informed purchase decisions at all times - especially so in today’s economic climate.  They can do so if ready price and product information like ingredients and nutritional value is at their finger tips.  We welcome applications like SG SavvyShopper which takes advantage of mobile technology to educate and assist consumers to locate the best offers. We encourage retailers in Singapore to support this initiative and help consumers make smart purchases.”
Singtel is partnering Sheng Siong Supermarket for the demonstration of SG SavvyShopper.
Mr Lim Hock Chee, Managing Director, Sheng Siong Supermarket, said: “We are pleased to collaborate with Singtel on this exciting mobile application.  Sheng Siong believes in offering the best value-for-money products to our customers.  Shoppers with access to instant price and product information on SG SavvyShopper will also help us constantly stay price-competitive.  We will continue to differentiate ourselves and remain Singaporean’s choice supermarket.”




First in Asia to watch video-on-demand on an Android-powered mobile device


Singtel customers will also enjoy video-on-demand on an Android-powered phone through mio TV on Mobile, available on Singtel IDEAS Dream portal.  HTC Dream customers can view US drama series Sorority Forever ‘mobisodes’ free on their phone.

Another free application available on Singtel IDEAS Dream portal is *MAPS, which allows customers to locate their nearest Places of Interest (POIs) like ATMs, petrol stations, restaurants. In conjunction with the HTC Dream launch, *MAPS also comes with two new features; nearby locations and charges of carparks, as well as favourite eating and hangout places of 8 Days magazine celebrities.


Besides having access to many popular and unique applications available in the Android Market today, consumers in Singapore can look forward to many local Android applications in the coming months. For example, with Foyage, customers can locate other users in the vicinity and send messages to each other easily.  They can also find surrounding Places of Interest (POIs) like shops and restaurants, backed by user-generated reviews. 


Singtel customers first in Asia to own the HTC Dream phone


Applications like SG SavvyShopper were demonstrated “live” today at a media launch event of the highly anticipated HTC Dream phone, which will go on sale on 21 February at Singtel retail stores island-wide.

The Android-powered device is preloaded with a suite of popular Google applications and offers one-touch access to Google Web SearchTM, Gmail™, Google Calendar™ and Google Talk™.
“The HTC Dream will offer a truly-integrated Google experience for the countless Google users in Singapore. Besides the powerful, open Android mobile platform, the device is specially configured to ensure that the mobile Web user experience is similar to that on a PC,” added Mr Yuen. “Coupled with Singtel’s unrivalled 3G mobile network, customers can now multi-task effortlessly with one-touch and enjoy fast and dedicated access to the Internet, and all their favourite Google and Android applications with just a HTC Dream in their hands.”

New ‘Flexi’ price plans
Singtel has introduced three new bundled ‘Flexi’ price plans to make mobile Internet access even more affordable.  Customers enjoy free incoming calls all day, up to 500 minutes outgoing talktime and 500 free SMS, as well as unlimited data download of up to six months as an introductory offer.
The new price plans* (free incoming calls) on 24-month contracts are:
Price Plan
Monthly Subscription
Outgoing Minutes
Bundled SMS
Promotional Data Bundle**
Price of HTC Dream phone***
3G Flexi Lite
500 MB
3G Flexi
1 GB
3G Flexi Plus
2 GB


* Applicable for all new and recontracting customers across compatible phone models
** Applies after unlimited data bundle is exhausted
*** After $200 trade-in


Special promotions for HTC Dream phone customers:


  • Customers who sign up between 21 and 22 February 2009 will receive unlimited data download for 6 months.
  • Customers who sign up thereafter will enjoy unlimited data download for the first month.
  • All customers will receive customised access to Singtel IDEAS portal (  Customers can be updated with news alerts, get access to sports or finance information, be entertained with TV, music or games contents and much more, anywhere.   
“We believe in making mobile Internet access affordable for our customers.  With one of the lowest bundled rates in Singapore, the range of new price plans is ideal for customers who seek value and reliable data access. Furthermore, our unlimited data offer will allow customers to explore with the HTC Dream with complete peace of mind,” Mr Yuen said. 
For more information on the list of applications and price plans, please visit






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