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Media Statement: Conclusion of strategic review of Optus satellite business

Singapore, 13 August 2013 – As previously indicated, Singtel initiated a strategic review of the Optus Satellite business in March this year. Singtel has concluded this process. Based on the review, Singtel is committed to growing and investing in the satellite business. 

About Optus Satellite 

Optus is the only telecommunication company to own and operate a fleet of satellites in Australia and has been providing premium satellite services across Australia and New Zealand for over 25 years. 

Optus Satellite delivers free-to-air and pay TV, mobile telephony and broadband services to over 2 million Australian households and multi-national companies. Optus operates a fleet of five satellites, with another satellite, Optus 10, scheduled for launch in 2014.

Optus Satellite customers include broadcasters and government organisations, such as the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Foxtel, GlobeCast Australia, SBS, Southern Cross, WIN, GWN7, NBN Co, NSW Department of Education and Communities, Department of Defence and Air Services Australia.