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mio TV adds Astro RIA to channel line-up

mio TV adds Astro RIA to channel line-up

New Malay entertainment channel included in SuperSaver Malay/Indian Pack at no extra charge

Singapore, 20 March 2009 -- Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singtel) announced today that mio TV will premiere its first 24-hour General Entertainment Malay language channel – Astro RIA(Channel 34) on 23 March 2009.

Astro’s first regional General Entertainment channel in Singapore will include top entertainment programmes which have been handpicked from various channels on Astro’s platform. This is to ensure that the Malay-speaking community in Singapore will be able to enjoy the best of Malaysian and Indonesian content as well as Singaporean local content.

The channel is suitable for the whole family, offering a variety of programmes for adults and kids alike, with different genres of movies, dramas, comedies, musicals and infotainment programmes.

In addition to Malaysian and Indonesian content, Astro Ria will also extend its offering to include other non-Malay and other Asian programmes, which will either be subtitled or dubbed in Malay/ Indonesian.  To bring Astro Ria closer to the hearts of Singaporean viewers, the programming mix will also include content produced or filmed in Singapore for stronger relevance and appeal.

Programme Line-up

One of the anchor programmes of Astro Ria, Akademi Fantasia (AF) has just started its latest season in Malaysia to much excitement and anticipation. One of the top-rated reality shows in Malaysia, AF has broken all viewership records year after year. Past AF winner Mawi’s albums have achieved six times platinum status, and both Mawi and Vincent Chong (AF winner) have gone on to become household names in Malaysia.
Astro Ria will also broadcast weekday shows of award-winning entertainment talk show Macam-Macam Aznil, hosted by Aznil Haji Nawawi, one of the most popular TV hosts in Malaysia and Astro Ria’s channel icon.
Trek Selebriti, a voxpop entertainment programme hosted by Jimmy Shanley traces local celebrities’ history and stories before they became the stars they are today. Jimmy follows them to meet their families, visit their schools and places at which they worked before they made it big in the entertainment industry.
“We aim to provide a comprehensive selection of entertainment content for the Malay community in Singapore,” said Mr Low Ka Hoe, Director of IPTV Business, Content and Media Services Group, Singtel. “We are confident that Astro RIA’s depth and breadth of content will bring a new dimension of excitement and variety to the local Malay household. Our mio TV customers now have even more quality entertainment from around the region to look forward to!”
Zainir Aminullah, Executive Director of All Asia Multimedia Networks, content aggregation arm of Astro said, “We are grateful for the opportunity to work with Singtel in growing Astro’s presence regionally and in new areas of content marketing abroad with the launch of Astro Ria on Singtel’s IPTV platform. As we are aware of the popularity and keen response for Astro’s programmes in Singapore, we hope to build stronger partnership with Singtel through its open sky policy to reinforce the potential of our premium Malay content reaching a wider network of customers not only in Singapore but across Asia and eventually the world. To this end, we thank Singtel once again for their support and look forward to a successful partnership, moving forward."  

Astro Aruna

Astro Ria is the second channel from Astro to be launched on mio TV. Its sister channel AstroAruna was launched in October 2008 (Channel 35 on mio TV) and features the best of Indonesian dramas.  With first-run premieres of popular Indonesian dramas such as Wah Cantiknya 2, Perempuan, Tersanjung, Kehormatan, Cinta & Coklat, the channel has gained popularity in recent months among fans of Sinetrons (Indonesian drama series). April will see a new Sinetron premiering on Astro Aruna - Mukjizat Allah - starring Anjasmara (Wah Cantiknya 1 & 2, Cinta Indah, Mewarnai Langit) and Indonesian superstar Kris Dayanti

mio TV SuperSaver Pack Malay / Indian

Both Astro Ria and Astro Aruna will also be included in the new SuperSaver Pack for Malay and Indian content at no extra charge, where SuperSaver Pack customers can enjoy a total of six premium channels for only $11.90 a month.
The channels included in the SuperSaver Pack are: Astro Ria, Astro Aruna, Eros Bollywood On-Demand Channel (top Hindi movies available on-demand), Tamil Box Office (classic Tamil movies), Zee Channel (general entertainment and Hindi movies), Zee Muzic (Hindi music videos and lifestyle programmes).
Additionally, customers will enjoy FREE viewing of the current season of the Italian Serie A exclusively available on mio TV with the SuperSaver Malay/Indian Pack. 

Programme Highlights on Astro Ria


(please refer to Appendix 1 for programme information)

1.       Akademi Fantasia
2.       Fuyoo Magic
3.       Macam-Macam Aznil
4.       Cak Cak 2009
5.       AC Di Sini
6.       Tom Tom Bak
7.       KL Menjerit
8.       Duranni
9.       Bidadari
10.     Discover Indonesia
11.     Casa Impian
12.     Sinemasia (a selection of best Asian movies dubbed in Bahasa Indonesia.)



(please refer to Appendix 1 for progamme information)

1.       Senyuman Anda (Premiere)
2.       Mukjizat Allah (Premiere)
3.       Cinta & Coklat (showing til 19 April)
4.       Kehormatan
5.       Cinta Indah
6.       Serpihan
7.       Terajana
8.       Mengappai Mimpi 

How to Subscribe

Current mio TV subscribers can subscribe to AstroRIA by using the mio TV on-screen interface or by contacting the Singtel Hotline at 1800 555 6000 from Monday to Saturday, 8.00am to 6.00pm. For new subscribers, sign-ups for mio TV services are available at any Singtel Retail store or Singtel exclusive retailer.
The subscription rate for Astro RIA is $8.56/month or $6.42/month on a 12-monthly basis, and $10.70/month or $8.56 on a 12-monthly basis for AstroARUNA.



About mio TV

mio TV is the innovative digital pay TV service offering from Singtel. Launched in July 2007, the service offers customers value and full flexibility to watch what they want, when they want.
Currently, mio TV offers a total of 59 channels, of which 15 are on-demand channels. Content on mio TV covers a wide range of genres as well as Singapore’s largest range of video-on-demand titles with and High Definition content.
Singtel is Asia’s leading communications group providing a portfolio of services including voice and data services over fixed, wireless and Internet platforms. Together with its regional partners, it serves over 232 million mobile customers in eight markets. For more information, visit

About Astro (Satellite TV)

Astro is Malaysia’s leading multimedia broadcaster and producer of Malay, Chinese, Indian and English language programming content. It owns and operates the only direct-to-home satellite TV service with access to some 11 million viewers in over 2.5 million homes, representing 45% of TV homes in Malaysia, making it one of the largest multi-channel TV businesses in Asia. It currently offers over 110 TV channels, including 25 Astro-branded channels of original and aggregated content of various genres in multiple languages. Astro is deeply committed to content localisation through subtitles, voiceovers, local talents and programs that will promote Malaysia on Astro’s global platform. Reflecting our commitment to local content, Astro increased our in-house production to over 1,700 hours of entertainment, information and news programmes in 2007. The service also provides a range of interactive TV content and services.
Astro is the trademark of Measat Broadcast Network Systems, a subsidiary of ASTRO All Asia Network plc. The Group operates out of the All Asia Broadcast Centre, a fully-integrated digital broadcast and production complex in Kuala Lumpur. 




1.  Akademi Fantasia
Monday – Friday, 2.30pm (Diari Akademi Fantasia)
Monday – Friday, 3.30pm (Konsert Akademi Fantasia)
***EXCLUSIVE Same Day Telecast***

Akademi Fantasia (or commonly known as AF) is Malaysia's first reality television show in which contestants compete for the winning title and a chance to start their career in the entertainment industry. Past winners include superstar Mawi. 

2.  Fuyoo Magic
Saturday and Sunday, 7pm

In the mood for some magic? Tune in to Malaysia’s very own David Blaine, as he brings street magic to the public. Shahril, a local self-taught street magician goes around mesmerizing the public with his simple yet unbelievable magic tricks. He goes to different locations like Zoo Negara, Taman Mini Asia Melaka dan Danga Bay, Johor Bahru.

3.  Macam-Macam Aznil
Monday – Friday, 8pm 

Macam-Macam Aznil is now in back! Malaysia’s no. 1 and award-winning host, Aznil Haji Nawawi is back to entertain you featuring more celebrities and special guests, and new segments like ‘Kembar Aznil,’ ‘Pointer Game,’ ‘Budaya,’ and ‘Telematch. Different this season, unsuspecting kids will also be caught on hidden camera for a measure of good laugh. 

4.      ***Most Popular Male TV Host***
5.       (Anugerah Bintang Popular 2003 – 2007, 5 consecutive years) 

6.      ***Best Talk Show***
7.       (Anugerah Skrin 2006 – 2008, 3 consecutive years)

8.  Cak Cak 2009
Saturday, 6.30pm (Repeats Sunday 5am and 8.30pm) 

Renowned director Azwan Ali directs a stellar cast of Rosnah Mat Aris, Jaafar Onn, Angeline Tan and Sathiya, in this skit comedy series. Guest stars Ellie Suriaty, in her first appearance on the show, introducing sensational new characters to Cak Cak 2009.  

9.  AC Di Sini
Saturday, 8pm (repeats on Sundays 3am and 4.30pm) 

AC Di Sini is back! This weekly talkshow is hosted by AC Mizal, a well-known name in the TV, film, theatre and music industry. This programme highlights the latest events, updates, and gossip on the Malaysian personalities, which include exclusive breaking news interviews. 

10.Tom Tom Bak
Friday, 7.30pm

Expect loads of fun and laughter with Tom Tom Bak, Malaysia’s first kids’ variety show featuring Malaysia’s No. 1 TV host, Aznil Hj Nawawi and talented kids from around the country! The show provides a platform for kids to showcase their unique talents, share their opinions and have fun with role playing! This year, Tom Tom Bak embarks on a nationwide tour, visiting states across Malaysia in search of talented kids! 

11.KL Menjerit
Monday, 10pm and 10.30pm (double episodes) 

KL Menjerit, a drama series adapted from the silver screen movie of the same title about a group of ‘Mat Rempit’ (bikers) in the metropolitan city of Kuala Lumpur. The story revolves around the main character Shahrul (Adi Putra) who is drawn into the dangerous but exciting world of illegal racing.  

Monday – Thursday, 11pm 

This drama tells the story of the many challenges faced by Duranni. Her life changes dramatically when her beloved dad remarries a lady,  Mona. Life gets more complicated when she finds out that Sybil, whom she thinks was her sister, is actually her daughter. 

13. Bidadari
Monday - Friday, 6pm
Cast: Marshanda, Ayu Azhari, Moudy Wilhelmina, Marcellino Lefrandt 

Bidadari is an enchanting story of a beautiful fairy sent to earth as she always cries to see the suffering of people who are having strong faith to God. As a fairy God-Mother, she always helps people who are in need. Lala and Putri are two good-hearted little girls who suffer from bad treatment from their malicious step-mother and aunt who always keep them from doing good things for other people. How will fairy God-Mother help and protect Lala and Putri to overcome various problems in their mission of doing benevolence is the point of the story.  

14. Discover Indonesia
Monday - Friday, 6am 

This program will bring you to the undiscovered world of Indonesia. Explore the distinct culture of Indonesian tribes, and take an insightful inside look of the barely-touched places in Indonesia.  

15.Casa Impian
Monday, 8.30am (repeats on Monday 2pm & Saturday 10.30am) 

Casa Impian returns with a brand new name – Deko Bersama Eric – along with the bubbly interior designer, Eric Leong! Watch Eric and his team as they surprise lucky winners whose homes will get a ‘face lift,’ worth RM50 000 each! Anticipate new styles and themes including Tropical Asian, Fusion, Chic and Classical. 

Every Sunday, 9.30pm 

A selection of best Asian movies dubbed in Bahasa Indonesia. Upcoming Sinemasia highlights: 

2424 (Korea)
     29 March, Sunday, 9.30pm 

Park runs an underground jewelry smuggling operation, but what he doesn't know is that he has a police mole in his gang. But when both the police and the gang lose track of 3 billion won in jewels, a dramatic search on both sides ensues.

17.Mr Captain Mr Underground (Korea)
19 April, Sunday, 9.30pm

Cast : Jeong Jae-yeong, Jang Seo-hee, Nam Ji-hyeon, Kim Soo-ho
A notorious grave robber Dae-chool, recently stole a precious Buddha statue. However, two kids Ji-min and Byung-oh steal it from him for fun. Dae-Chool tricks the kids telling them that he is a special agent from the Ministry of National Treasures, and persuades the kids to help him "in the cause of justice". As they experience one mishap after another, the kids and Dae-chool form a family-like relationship.



1.  Senyuman Anda (Premiere)
Cast: Surya Saputra, Dhea Imut, Anisa Trihapsar
Saturday & Sunday, 8am 

A family is torn apart by deception and lies, when Philip's infidelities leaves a trail of heartbreak and tragedy involving all the people he loves, including his wife and child. 

2.  Mukjizat Allah (Premiere)
Cast: Anjasmara, Kris Dayanti, Primus Yustisio, Jihan Fahira, Ramzi
Monday – Friday, 9pm 

A drama series about love, regrets, repentance and the human spirit, Mukjizat Allah stars Anjasmara and superstar Kris Dayanti. Bowo, is a successful but hard-partying young man who descends into a decadent lifestyle. After an accident where is taken to the “other side” for few brief moments, he promises to change his ways. However, when he recovers and returns to life, he goes back on his word and proceeds to wreak havoc on the lives of his friends and his love interest, Mayang. 

3.  Cinta & Coklat (showing till 19 April)
Cast: Vino G. Bastian, Indah Kalalo, Puadin Reidy
Saturday & Sunday, 2pm 

Prita works in her grandfather Yudhistira’s Istana Coklat, or the Chocolate Palace. He dies and leaves her with his secret chocolate recipe. Upset that the recipe was only shared with Prita, Yudhistira’s second wife plots to destroy the Chocolate Palace and its new owner. See what happens as Prita struggles to keep her grandfather’s legacy alive, and what becomes of her and Istana Coklat when she falls in love wth her competitor, Mario, owner of Sweet Times. 

4.  Kehormatan
Cast: Primus Yustisio, Nafa Urbach
Monday – Friday, 12pm 

Kehormatan is the love story about Krisna and Tiara who are college sweethearts. Torn apart by family objections and obligations, Tiara moves away only to meet Krisna’s daughter years later in the school in which she teaches. The love is rekindled between the two, but a cruel twist of fate again causes Krisna to leave Tiara broken-hearted a second time. Is their love not meant to be during this lifetime?  

5.  Cinta Indah
Starring: Anjasmara, Sandra Dewi, Samuel Zyglwyn
Monday – Friday, 6pm 

Indah is a simple, pretty and humble girl who has just become a babysitter for Ibu Retno’s 2 grandchildren. Soon, the children's uncle Roni and father Ryan both start to fall madly in love with Indah. With the two brothers competing for the babysitter’s heart, neither Ibu Retno nor Aini, Roni’s fiancé, take kindly to this and proceed to make life very difficult for Indah… Will Indah escape from her misery and find happiness and love? 

6.  Serpihan
Cast: Chaterine Wilson, Frnas Mohede, Tyas Mirasih
Monday – Friday, 10pm 

Love, deception, murder – the life of Victoria and her mother Rita cross paths and leaves a trail of infidelity, heartbreak and betrayal which changes their lives forever. 

7.  Terajana
Cast: Tya Ivanka, Ramzy
Saturday & Sunday, 9am 

A romantic comedy series, it follows university student and street perfomer Jana, who falls in love with privileged rich girl Tera, and proceeds to try to win her heart, with hilarious results.  

8.  Mengappai Mimpi
Cast: Evan Sanders, Dimas Seto, Sharena Gunawan, Andrea Dian
Saturday & Sunday, 2pm (starting 25 April)

Marriage, accidents, death, amnesia, secrets and lies - Mengappai Mimpi tells the story of beautiful Santi, just an average girl who works in a boutique. But when she meets rich guy Tommy, her life takes a dramatic turn…