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mio TV launches Jia Le Channel

Singtel’s first self-packaged Asian entertainment channel will focus on top-rated dramas and variety shows in both Hokkien and Mandarin

Singapore, 23 August 2011 – Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singtel) announced today that mio TV will launch a new self-packaged Asian entertainment channel focused on the best Hokkien dialect and Mandarin content on Monday, 29 August 2011. The new 24-hour channel, Jia Le (佳乐台) (Channel 88), will feature the latest top-rated Hokkien and Mandarin dramas and variety shows sourced from the top producers in Taiwan and the region.

“We are very pleased that Jia Le will be the first channel to bring Singaporeans their favourite Taiwanese dramas and variety shows in their original Hokkien dialect. We have gone the extra mile to ensure that not only will our customers be the first in Singapore to enjoy these top-rated programmes, they will have access to the largest volume of fresh programmes each day compared to any other Asian entertainment channel,” said said Mr Goh Seow Eng, Chief, Digital Home, Singtel. “Add this to our top-notch sports, movies, US TV series, and ethnic offerings, and mio TV has cemented its position as the compelling and value-for-money choice for family home entertainment.”

Giving our customers even more convenience, Jia Le On-Demand (Channel 288) will allow customers to catch up on their favourite shows anytime within 24 hours after an episode premieres on Jia Le Channel.  This is the first time in Singapore that a pay TV provider has provided a ‘catch-up service’ for all programmes within a premium channel so that viewers do not have to worry about missing the scheduled screening.

Channels 88 and 288 will be priced at $9.90 per month for both channels on an a la carte basis and included in mio TV’s Jingxuan Pack so that existing customers of that pack can enjoy them at no extra cost. Both channels will be available to all mio TV customers to sample free-of-charge from 29 August to 30 September 2011.

Jia Le will officially commence broadcast at 8.00pm with the highly anticipated Taiwanese drama <Lee’s Family Reunion>《家和万事兴》which has recently leapt to number one in the Taiwanese ratings, with an estimated 1.32 million viewers per episode. <Lee’s Family Reunion> has over 260 episodes and features a strong cast including June Tsai 六月 and Eric Huang 黄少祺. June Tsai is a versatile actress who won the Best Newcomer in Taipei’s Film Festival 1998 and clinched the Best Actress at the Golden Bell Awards 2001. Eric Huang is one of Taiwan's most popular actors with roles in over 50 TV and film productions. He is best remembered for his role in “Fei Long Zai Tian”  “飞龙在天”. 

Customers will also enjoy a weekend prime time Hokkien drama serial called “An Heir of Love”《芳草碧连天》, starring veteran artistes Yang Kuei-Mei 杨贵媚,Sun Peng孙鹏 and Francesca Gao高慧君. Francesca Gao won the Best Supporting Actress at the Golden Bell Awards 2010 for her role in this drama series.

Popular variety shows form the second pillar of the channel. <Happy Everyday> hosted by well-known entertainer Bai Bing Bing features contestants belting out classics songs in Hokkien. <100 years of Taiwan’s Popular Songs> will allow music fans to enjoy popular artistes singing their favourite songs in Hokkien and Mandarin. Music fans must also look out for <A Moment of Fame> featuring young contestants from age six to 12 competing to be the next big thing. Also not to be missed is <Top Singers>, a singing competition akin to “Super Idol” but with a twist – contestants will be duelling in Hokkien.


How To Subscribe

Current mio TV subscribers can subscribe to Jia Le channel directly using the mio TV on-screen interface or by contacting the Singtel Hotline at 1610 daily from 8.00am to midnight. For new subscribers, sign-ups for mio TV services are available at any Singtel shop or at Singtel exclusive retailers.


Please refer to Annex A for ‘Jingxuan Pack at a glance’.

Please refer to Annex B for ‘Jia Le Channel Key Programmes’.


Annex A: Jingxuan Pack at a glance








International Chinese channel featuring news, information and dramas


Mei Ah Movies Channel (Asia)

First and only Cantonese movies channel in Singapore, enjoy blockbusters in dual sound


Xinya Azio

Best entertainment platform that airs the most concerts, interviews and award shows for young Asians


Mei Ah Drama Channel

First 24/7 drama channel in Singapore with series from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan & Korea all in a single channel


Jia Le Channel

First channel to bring you Taiwanese dramas and variety shows in its original Hokkien language


Mei Ah Movies On Demand

Expect to see new Asian blockbusters only months after their cinematic debut


Taiwan Central

Taiwan Central brings you Hokkien dramas,variety shows & reality shows which appeals to all audience


mobtv Select

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HK & Taiwan Mei Ah Drama On Demand

All your favourite dramas from Hong Kong and Taiwan, anytime On Demand


Korean Mei Ah Drama On Demand

Watch the dramas unfold in the hottest Korean series, anytime On Demand


Jia Le On Demand

Catch up on your favourite Jia Le shows within 24 hours of its premiere on Jia Le channel


 Annex B: Jia Le Channel Key Programmes



 1.                   Lee’s Family Reunion (家和万事兴) (29 August 2011)

The return of a scheming illegitimate child, a missing granddaughter who shows up unexpectedly, and a rival who threatens the existence of their 100-year-old confectionary business. One of Taiwan’s top rated Hokkien dramas, this is a long-running melodrama series filled with tragedies and betrayals.

2.                   A Stepmother’s Love (春天后母心) (30 August 2011)

Widowed at a young age and left to settle the debt that her ex-husband incurred, Lin Jin Feng remarries into another family as a 2nd wife. Not in the good books of the 1st wife, Jin Feng’s own children are tortured by the first wife’s, and after her husband goes missing after an accident, coupled with the news of the family’s business going bankrupt, Jin Feng is left to fend for herself and her children.

3.                   None Is Born (天生无才) (30 August 2011)

After squandering away his family fortune, Liu Yi Qing enters the palace to serve the emperor but realises that not all are friends. With his quick wit though, he manages to overcome the obstacles in his way.

4.                   First Theatre (第一剧场) (3 September 2011)

Lasting 2 hours, each episode tells a different story from Taiwan’s mystical tales, folklores and ghost stories.

5.                   An Heir Of Love (芳草碧连天) (3 September 2011)

Sold to a rich family at a young age, A-Wang is hated by her stepmother. Her daughter, Gao Jin Ying and her son-in-law have 3 daughters and the couple feels the pressure of carrying on the family’s lineage.


Variety shows:

1.                   Genius Go Go Go!  (天才冲冲冲) (29 August 2011)

Two teams of artistes compete in each segment which includes, 生活智High王, where artistes have to redesign and recycle daily items. 尔虞我诈大车拼: Artistes have to guess who is the lying one. 全民惊透透: Artistes share scary ghost experiences and perform hair-raising performances. 艺能行不行: A test of artistes’ reaction and IQ skills. Challenges include construction of words, etc

2.                   Fall In For Fun! (综艺大集合) (30 August 2011)

Filmed entirely outdoors, the hosts, together with guest artistes walk into the school campuses of Taiwan and showcase the niche areas and colorful school activities of each institution. The guest artistes will work together with the students and teachers to compete against each other.

3.                   Happy Everyday (欢乐 Everyday) (30 August 2011)

The first half of the program has contestants belting out oldies in Mandarin or Hokkien. For the Taiwanese Opera (歌仔戏) segment in the programme, well-known opera artistes are invited to perform famous Chinese folktales.

4.                   Super Idol (超级偶像) (31 August 2011)

Panel of judges include famous singers and producers like Sandee Chan陈珊妮, Huang Guo Lun 黄国伦and Wang Zhi Ping王治平. Season 6 takes on a new format by holding the auditions in school campuses.  And in this season, the contestants’ self introduction will be taken into consideration during the assessment.

5.                   Treasure Hunter (冒险奇兵) (1 September 2011)

Two teams, red and blue, each led by one of the hosts and consisting of both artistes and students, will compete in a series of challenges and the team with the final higher score wins.

6.                   Wonderful World (世界正美丽) (2 September 2011)

Travel program which brings you to beautiful and exotic places around the world. The program includes introducing delicious local delights, participating in local festivals celebrations and customs, as well as the beautiful natural sights and wonders.

7.                   World’s No. 1 (世界第一等) (2 September 2011)

The program focuses on less known destinations and exotic local culture. The host, alongside Taiwanese businessmen or immigrants residing there, will bring you around the world the adventurous way.

8.                   Golden Classics (金曲百老汇) (3 September 2011)

With renowned Hokkien singers performing live and singers from different generations of the Mandarin pop industry performing classics, Golden Classics is a great way to enjoy nostalgic Hokkien songs. There are even re-enactments of the getai (秀场) days and a song request segment!

9.                   A  Moment of Fame (成名一瞬间) (3 September 2011)

Children aged 6 to 12 showcase their singing and musical talents in this show, where they have to sing a song in any language (including Hokkien) and do an additional creative performance of their choice.

10.               100 Years of Taiwan’s Popular Songs (台湾红歌100 ) (3 September 2011)

Focusing on Hokkien music, the show invites well-known singers to bring back popular Hokkien songs. The segments are经典红歌: live performance of classic songs, 一首歌一个故事: the story behind each song, 流行红歌: performance of the latest songs and晚安曲: a singing performance by the hosts to mark the end of the show.

11.               Top Singers (超级红人榜) (4 September 2011)

A search for the ultimate Hokkien singer, the winner that emerges after 20 rounds of competitions will get to release an album. Judges include famous singers like You Hong Ming (游鸿明).