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mio TV’s Video on Demand goes with the best in local

Singapore movies and TV content can be viewed at anytime of the day on mio TV 



Singapore, 7 December 2007 - Singtel announced today the upcoming line-up for local movie and TV content that will be available on mio TV’s Video on Demand from this December starting with the TV premiere of Jack Neo’s recent box office hit – “Just Follow Law”. “Just Follow Law” is one of the Golden Horse Awards 2007-nominated local movies to premiere exclusively on mio TV.



With mio TV’s Video on Demand, customers would be able to appreciate local movies and TV content in their original language exclusively on mio TV together with a range of movies and TV content (Hollywood blockbusters, Chinese & Cantonese movies, Korean dramas). All titles can be enjoyed at anytime of the day and customers can pause, rewind, fast forward and resume enjoying a show. There is a 24 to 48-hour window period to watch the movies or programmes and prices range from $1.07 to $7.49 per title.



Directed by veteran Director Jack Neo, “Just Follow Law” was nominated for Best Original Screenplay and Best Visual Effects at Taiwan’s Golden Horse Awards 2007. The Singapore box office hit stars Golden Horse Awards 2007 Best Actor nominee Gurmit Singh and popular Singapore actress Fann Wong and will premiere on mio TV’s Video on Demand from 7 December 07. Customers can also look forward to watching this year’s top grossing Asian film in Singapore – Royston Tan’s “881” (Golden Horse Awards 2007 Best Makeup and Costume Design nominee) exclusively on mio TV.


mio TV’s Video on Demand brings movies from acclaimed director, Jack Neo, exclusively on mio TV, in addition to other critically-acclaimed home-grown movies such as “Singapore Dreaming” (Best Asian Film Award at the 2007 Tokyo International Film Festival) and “Truth Be Told” (Best Original Film at the 2007 Asian Film Festival).


“We are excited to be the first digital pay TV service in Singapore to make exclusive local entertainment content available to the people at home. The freedom and convenience of Video on Demand lets mio TV subscribers watch the best of local movies in their original language whenever they want. Through this, Singtel also hopes to give recognition to the local film and entertainment industry,said Mr. Low Ka Hoe. 


mio TV will also start airing special TV content which includes Chinese language variety shows such as “Comedy 2000”, “Jack Neo Talkshow” and Ah Nan Ge Tai Show” produced by Jack Neo. “Ah Nan Ge Tai Show” will premiere exclusively on mio TV and will be shown in its original dialect -- Hokkien and Mandarin. There are also plans to showcase 30 to 40 locally-produced short films such as “Big Exit” and “Seletar Airbase” from budding directors like Helmi Yusof and Esther Liu Xiu Qi


“We are happy to work with mio TV for the TV broadcast of “Just Follow Law”, director’s cut of “Money No Enough” and “Money No Enough 2”. With mio TV’s Video on Demand, we are looking forward to exclusively premiere more of our new programmes with Singtel,” said Mr. Philip Wu, director, Neo Studios.


“We are glad to work with Singtel who recognises the importance of creating more awareness and value for the local film industry,” said Mr. Lim Teck, General Manager, Scorpio East Entertainment. “mio TV’s Video on Demand capabilities represent unlimited potential for local film makers,” he added.




Sign-ups for mio TV services are available at any hello! store or at Singtel Exclusive Retailers. Current mio TV subscribers can also contact the Singtel Hotline at 1800 555 6000 from Monday to Saturday, 8.00am to 6.00pm to subscribe to the new channel or order directly from their mio TV Channel Guide.  


Video on Demand

On Demand Channel
(Previously Rent-A-Pack)

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  • Watch a range of movies and TV content at anytime they want.
  • Customers can pause, rewind, fast forward and resume enjoying a show.
  • 24 to 48-hour window period to watch
  • A subscription on Demand service
  • Customers are offered up to 20-25 titles (movies) or up to 10 episodes (dramas/TV programmes) per channel subscription
  • Each channel is a library of programmes that allow customers to watch what they want, when they want.
  • 13 On Demand Channels in total
  • ‘Live’ broadcast programmes with scheduled programming.
  • With mio TV’s Digital Video Recording (DVR) subscription, customers can control ‘live’ TV by pausing and rewinding without having to miss a single moment of their favourite programme.
  • 22 linear channels in total, 7 Free-to-air channels, 1 preview channel

Type of Prog.

  • Hollywood blockbuster
  • Local content
  • Chinese & Cantonese movies
  • Korean dramas
  • All-time favourite Hollywood movies
  • Chinese & Cantonese movies
  • Hokkien and Cantonese dramas
  • Mom & kids
  • Sports Documentaries
  • Bollywood blockbusters
  • Entertainment
  • News
  • Kids & Family
  • Infotainment
  • Asia
  • Music
  • Chinese & Cantonese movies
  • International
  • HD Channels
  • Free-to-air


Prices range from $1.07 to $7.49 per title.

Price range from $6.42 to $12.84 per channel

Price range from $4.28 to $14.98 per channel