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Singapore SMEs export cloud solutions and services to the region

Singtel and IE Singapore open the doors to high potential markets

Singapore, 8 June 2010 -- Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singtel) and International Enterprise (IE) Singapore today announced the launch of a comprehensive market access partnership to allow local Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with innovative cloud computing and mobile solutions to export their offerings to the region.

This is a part of the Singtel Innovation Exchange (SiX), a leading industry partnership programme launched in 2009 through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Singtel, Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) and IE Singapore. SiX aims to accelerate the full life-cycle development of innovative business and consumer applications from conceptualisation to regionalisation.

Companies participating in the market access partnership will form consortiums to meet potential partners in Australia, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and other countries where Singtel has a presence. IE Singapore’s role in the partnership is to support the formation of consortiums through its International Partnerships (iPartners) Programme.

The partnership will kick off in early June with a series of marketing initiatives and business matching sessions in Australia that are organised together with Optus and New South Wales Department of Industry & Investment. Through these events, a group of SMEs from the SiX programme will have the opportunity to promote their cloud solutions to Australian business leaders, SME associations, technology parks and government agencies. The delegation will showcase solutions such as web publishing and digital marketing applications, mobile content services, as well as offerings for the logistics and hospitality industries.

Mr Adrian Long, General Manager of V3 Teletech, a company that specialises in innovative telematics and location-based solutions, said: “Through this alliance, Singapore companies can band together to offer a full suite of complementary products and services and compete on a larger scale in overseas markets. The ability to leverage Singtel’s regional assets and insights gives us a tremendous competitive advantage. This partnership with Singtel, through SiX, is an important part of our growth and expansion strategy. It opens the doors to high potential markets, and also allows us to bring our solutions to market in a much shorter time.”

Mr Bill Chang, Singtel’s Executive Vice President for Business Group, said: “With our reach to over 293 million mobile subscribers and millions of businesses spanning 8 Asian markets, Singtel is uniquely positioned to enable software developers to seize opportunities, not just in Singapore, but also in the region.

“We have deep understanding of the needs of people and businesses we serve in the region. We will share these customer insights with our partners to support them to innovate faster and better, and help them accelerate their go-to-market success in the region. We deliver the three ‘C’s to help our partners Connect, Collaborate and Create opportunities in the region together. Through the Singtel Innovation Exchange, we will further strengthen Singapore’s position as a regional hub for cloud computing services.”

Mr. Yew Sung Pei, IE Singapore’s Assistant Chief Executive, said: “This collaboration is a two-pronged approach taken by IE Singapore and Singtel to reach out to industry heavyweights and SMEs. With Optus as the wholly-owned subsidiary of Singtel, it will give our companies inroads into a wide network of opportunities. This is in line with our goal to help SMEs better understand the needs of potential customers in the region and enable them to differentiate their solutions to cater to the market.”

Companies may register for membership in the SiX programme at





About the Singtel Innovation Exchange (SiX)

In collaboration with IDA, IE Singapore and its partners, Singtel launched the Singtel Innovation Exchange (SiX), the most comprehensive industry partnership programme to accelerate the full life-cycle development of innovative business and consumer applications.

Singtel aims to attract local and global developers, as well as commercialise their applications and promote them to more than 293 million mobile customers and millions of business customers in the region.

Software developers have access to resources like grid computing and technical consultancy from Singtel and its partners, which help to lower operational costs and shorten time-to-market.

Developers of consumer mobile applications can offer their solutions via Singtel App Zone . This online platform for prepaid and postpaid mobile customers currently offers over 1300 innovative applications for a comprehensive range of devices, including Android-enabled handsets. Solutions include educational, multimedia, communications and lifestyle applications.

For more information on the Singtel Innovation Exchange, please visit

About the International Partners (iPartners) Programme

To encourage Singapore-based companies to band together when venturing abroad, IE Singapore launched the International Partners (iPartners) Programme in October 2003.

The iPartners Programme is an initiative that catalyses the formation of international alliances between Singapore-based companies. By banding together while abroad, our companies can combine their resources, complement each other's product offerings and pursue bigger projects. These will sharpen companies' competitiveness and maximise their chances of overseas success.