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Singapore’s largest online SME community wins ASEAN ICT Gold Award for Digital Content

myBusiness portal benefits SMEs from more than 70 countries                                                                                 Singtel to offer 10,000 SMEs free advertisement space at Raffles Place to celebrate win


Singapore, 15 November, 2013 – Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singtel) today announced that its myBusiness online community for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) has won the ASEAN ICT Gold Award 2013 for Digital Content at the 13th ASEAN Telecommunications and Information Technology Ministers Meeting.

Mr Bill Chang, Chief Executive Officer of Singtel Group Enterprise said: “Businesses, especially SMEs, face the challenges of operating in a volatile market environment, rising costs and rapid changes in technology.

“As their ICT partner, Singtel believes in co-creating innovative solutions that help meet their most pressing needs while empowering them for future growth. With Singtel myBusiness, we help SMEs leverage cloud based technologies to lower costs and improve their productivity.”

Singtel myBusiness is the largest all-in-one online SME community in Singapore. The portal, which aggregates and provides relevant apps, business software and resources and opportunities for members, is also accessed by SMEs from more than 70 countries.

“Whether an SME is a one-man-operation or a growing company with multiple locations, it can leverage myBusiness to transform its operations to be more agile and to scale for growth, regionally or beyond, very quickly,” added Mr Chang.

One innovative feature of Singtel myBusiness is a virtual market place where SMEs can take up job tenders, pitch for business, or join others to bulk-buy services or products.

Please see Annex for the complete list of myBusiness features

Big Ad for SMEs

To celebrate the win and help SMEs gain further exposure, myBusiness will launch a month-long ‘Big Ad’ campaign on Monday, 18 November 2013.

The campaign gives 10,000 Singapore SMEs the opportunity to advertise their products and services to members of the public for a month - at no cost - on an electronic billboard at Raffles Place. For more details, visit




Main features of Singtel myBusiness portal

With more than one million page views per month, myBusiness is the largest all-in-one online SME community in Singapore. Its main features are:

• Software-as-a-Service: With no capital expenditure needed to use the cloud apps, users are only charged for the software they use. In addition, SMEs can scale up or down the number of users according to their business needs. This helps them to reduce operating costs, improve productivity, increase agility and profitability.

• Trading Board: This is a one-stop e-procurement portal for businesses. The trading board is the single source for daily postings of tenders and request for quotations (RFQs). This enables SMEs to better exploit business opportunities and reduce costs.

• Grants: myBusiness also provides comprehensive information on government grants and credit schemes to help SMEs utilise these financial resources to grow their businesses.

• Thought leadership: myBusiness provides a one-stop resource for the online SME community by delivering thought leadership on how SMEs can keep abreast of the latest developments in the market. Users can also sharpen their business acumen by learning from successful business case studies.

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