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Singapore's own personal assistant app enhanced with powerful new features

Singtel deF!ND incorporates HungryGoWhere

Intelligent recommendations based on personal preferences

Singapore 21 September 2012 – Singapore Telecommunications Ltd (Singtel) today unveiled a powerful new version of deF!ND, Singapore's first mobile personal assistant app that integrates local information and enables bookings of services on the move.

The new version of the app now features a significantly expanded database of more than 100,000 reviews on more than 15,000 eateries from HungryGoWhere, Singapore's leading food website. Users can quickly and easily browse through recommendations of highly-rated restaurants and hawkers nearest to their current location.

deF!ND is now able to make intelligent movie recommendations based on users' personal preferences and display screening times at GV, Shaw and Cathay cinemas nearest to their current location.  A virtual barometer predicts the user’s level of interest in all movies that are currently airing.  The app conveniently allows users to select seats and charge ticket purchases to their credit cards.

With deF!ND, users can also book taxis, locate ATMs, medical clinics and other essential amenities, find the best shopping deals and get updates on local events.  The app draws from Singtel's popular database of more than 170,000 business listings.

Mr Loo Cheng Chuan, Head of Singtel’s Local L!fe unit, said: “Since its launch in November last year, many mobile users have relied on deF!ND to find important information on-the-go and book services that are essential to their daily lives.  The new deF!ND breaks new ground by being the first personal assistant of its kind to understand user preferences and make meaningful recommendations.”

Mr Loo said that Singtel spent a lot of effort to ensure that the app continued to grow and provide even better services for its users.

 “Our recent acquisition of HungryGoWhere has significantly expanded our database and this allows us to offer an unrivalled one-stop food and beverage recommendation service to our customers,” he said.

deF!ND is available for free download from the Apple App Store and Google Play store. It was developed in collaboration with app developer, Jinni Media. For more information, please visit