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SingNet customers enjoy better value

SmartWizard self-help tool helps save time and money
SingNet subscribers first in the world to access full version of Granado Espada

Singapore, 30 May 2007 -- Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singtel) today announced that SingNet BroadBand customers can look forward to a whole range of features at the end of this month.

Singtel is the first in Asia Pacific (outside Japan) to launch SmartWizard - a self-help software programme that simplifies broadband installation and the troubleshooting of common broadband-related problems. It puts convenience in the hands of our customers and ensures maximum up-time.

With its new strategy to partner with the industry’s trendsetters and package content with broadband plans, SingNet continues to give customers the leading edge.

The first example of this is the bundling of one of the most talked-about Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) Granado Espada. SingNet customers will be one of the first in the world to experience the commercial version of the game.  They’ll also be jetting up the levels with the various unfair advantages that they get to enjoy with SingNet BroadBand.

“Feedback from customers has revealed a common theme – greater value from their ISP with more convenient and faster broadband services,” said Ms Vicki Brady, Singtel’s Vice President of Consumer Marketing. “With the launch of SmartWizard, exclusive third-party partnerships and the improving our basic broadband offerings, we are confident that our customers’ online experience will be further enhanced and improved.”

SmartWizard Simplifies the Broadband Experience

SmartWizard is an automated software that will help customers install, configure and manage their SingNet BroadBand services with ease.  New subscribers will be given a CD to install the programme, while existing subscribers can download the software at

With SmartWizard, customers can now install their broadband services at their own time, pace and convenience. The hassle-free installation guide takes customers through an easy-to-follow step-by-step process to effortlessly set up their new account.

Field tests have shown that SmartWizard reduced the average installation time for wireless connections by almost half - from 30 to 17 minutes.

The problem-solving component of SmartWizard, known as SmartFix, functions like a personal helpdesk.  “Our research shows that customers are spending more and more time online and increasingly reliant on their broadband connections,” explained Ms Brady. “Resolving issues as fast as possible is of utmost importance, and SmartFix offers an easy and convenient alternative to calling the technical helpdesk.”  

SingNet Gamers First to Conquer Granado Espada

SingNet continues to give gamers the leading edge over their peers by partnering with the industry’s trendsetters.

Granado Espada is the hottest new Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) to hit town. Touted to be the biggest thing to hit the gaming community since World of Warcraft, the game is currently in its Pre Open Beta launch (POBL) stage and already making huge waves within the international gaming community.

Come 31 May 2007, customers who sign up for the 3Mbps Student Unlimited Broadband Plan at the special price of $39.95 per month (usual price $58) will receive a Granado Espada Advance Release Premium Box Set (worth $49.90) available exclusively to SingNet customers. The DVD client will enable customers to immediately enjoy the full version of the POBL game as well as obtain a code that they can key in when the game is commercially launched. This will allow them to become one of the first-in-the-world to access the full version of Granado Espada.

SingNet BroadBand subscribers will also be part of an exclusive group of gamers to enjoy the unfair advantage with an additional 80% Experience Boost for their in-game Granado Espada characters. Called the ‘SingNet Combat Manual’, the special feature will enhance their gameplay and best of all, help them to advance at a faster pace - leaving non-SingNet subscribers in their wake!

In 2006, Granado Espada won the Korean gaming industry’s most prestigious prize - the Grand Prix - and in Singapore, the Infocomm Asia Holdings (IAH) is spearheading an initiative for schools to use the game to introduce students, teachers and principals to online games.

More Mileage for SingNet Subscribers

In response to market needs, from 31 May 2007, subscribers on 512kbps and 1500kbps Unlimited BroadBand plans will also enjoy more mileage - with quicker page loading, smoother multimedia streaming and seamless online gaming.  This will be at exactly the same price that they are currently paying. 

All residential customers on 512kbps Unlimited Plans will see their surfing speeds automatically accelerated up to 1Mbps, while customers on 1500kbps Unlimited Plans will have their speeds doubled to 3Mbps. 

“SingNet BroadBand subscribers already have the advantage of dedicated bandwidth,” said Ms Brady. “They now get more bang for their buck, with speedier surfing speeds, faster downloads and a more fulfilling Internet experience.”

In order to enjoy the free upgrade, customers simply have to log off and reconnect to the Internet.