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SingNet first to offer enterprise VoIP services with Level 3 numbers

Cost-effective bundled communications solution for business customers

Singapore, 1 August 2006 - SingNet, Singapore’s leading Internet Service Provider (ISP) and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Singtel, announced today that it is the first in Singapore to launch a commercial Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service with Level 3 numbers for the enterprise market.

SingNet VoIP is offered to business customers as part of the company’s one-stop seamless solution comprising Internet access, VoIP calls and v019 international calling service. 
This service is best suited for small and medium businesses (SMBs) that are looking for a cost-effective voice and data solution to support their operations.  SMBs can now enjoy convenience and cost savings through unlimited free calls within their company, including their overseas offices, and with employees who are travelling overseas.  Calls made between different companies within the SingNet VoIP community using Level 3 numbers are also free.  All these calls are known as ‘on-net’ calls.
Mr Wong Soon Nam, Singtel’s Vice President of Business Marketing, said: “Our SMB customers have been telling us that they need a reliable VoIP solution that not only reduces their communications costs but comes equipped with functionalities and features tailored to their dynamic business environment.  SingNet VoIP is the answer as it offers superior value to the SMBs with a complete and integrated data and voice service, together with strong after-sales support.”
To enjoy this service, customers can use their regular telephones connected to an Integrated Access Device (IAD) or a soft client (dialer software) on their PCs or laptops.  The user-friendly soft client offers roamers - users who are travelling overseas - mobility as well as free on-net calls when they call their colleagues or business associates using Level 3 numbers.  They can also make international calls (or ‘off-net’ calls) from Singapore or overseas at attractive Singtel’s v019 rates.
“This service is complementary to our existing fixed-telephone services.  SingNet VoIP service is borderless as users can make unlimited free domestic and international calls as long as they are within the SingNet VoIP community, regardless of their physical location,” Mr Wong added.
Business customers who subscribe to or re-contract with SingNet from tomorrow will be able to enjoy free unlimited calls with the new VoIP service.

Note: The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) first announced the new IP Telephony Policy Framework on 14 June 2005.