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SingNet lowers Ping for local players

New broadband service gives “unfair advantage” to gamers

Singapore, 29 July 2006 – SingNet today announced the launch of a new broadband service called PingPower.  The launch is in conjunction with the 2006 Games Xtreme League (GXL) Season 01 Finals held from 29 - 30 July 2006.
PingPower enables local gamers to access the GXL game servers to enjoy consistently low latency when they play popular online games.  With latency as low as 10 milliseconds (ms), gamers will have an “unfair advantage” over other competitors in the gaming arena.
For gamers, speed is defined as the “time” taken for a packet of game information to be transferred from the game server to the user’s computer.  The lower the ms taken means the lower the latency, which is what gamers look for.  This is also known as “Ping”.
As a start, players of four popular online games - “Battle Field 2”, “Counter Strike 1.6”, “Counter Strike Source” and “Day of Defeat”- will experience significantly lower latency when they sign up for SingNet’s PingPower.
The following are some results from a test conducted by the gamers during our trial phase of the service.
Comparison of the average latency offered by PingPower
Battlefield 2
8ms – 10ms
CounterStrike 1.6
13ms – 17ms
CounterStrike source
8ms – 10ms
Day of Defeat Source
8ms – 10ms


Ping performance on the game servers is dependent on various elements such as PC Configuration; Dedicated nternet Connected; Wired Modem; Game Application etc.

“Gamers have the most demanding needs in terms of broadband performance.  The real test of an Internet Service Provider’s service is often through the gaming experience,” said Ms Vicki Brady, Singtel’s Vice President (Consumer Marketing).
“Through SingNet’s informal feedback sessions with the local gaming community and Cyber Team Singapore, we know that PingPower addresses one of the fundamental concerns for the serious gamer – the issue of latency.”
Ms Brady added: “SingNet will be looking at adding more games to our PingPower list to enable an even larger segment of the local community to enjoy the unfair advantage of lower latency to help them perform at their best.”

SingNet Broadband subscribers can sign up for PingPower as a value added service at just $9.90 a month (GST-inclusive).  They must already have the games installed on their PCs.

PingPower is launched in conjunction with the 2006 Games Xtreme League (GXL) Season 01 Finals held from 29 - 30 July 2006 at Far East Plaza.  Around 240 gamers are taking part in the competition.