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SingNet small and medium business customers enjoy more value

New 2.5Mbps and 4Mbps broadband plans
New integrated broadband security solution
Higher speed and more value for current office solution

Singapore, 25 July 2007 --SingNet, Singapore’s leading Internet Service Provider (ISP) and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Singtel, announced today that it is the first in the market to launch two new 2.5Mbps* and 4Mbps* asymmetrical broadband plans and a new integrated broadband and desktop security solution, for small and medium businesses.

New higher broadband access speeds
SingNet is the first in the market to launch two new dynamic ADSL broadband plans targeted at SMBs which require higher internet bandwidth for the office. Business customers will be able to choose from 2.5Mbps at $198 or 4Mbps at $298.

Simplifying IT security for SMBs


As SMBs grow, not only do they require faster speed, their technology needs also evolve and they need a partner like Singtel to take care of their communication and IT needs so that they can focus on their core businesses.

Based on an independent survey, seven out of ten SMBs ranked Internet data security as one of their most important IT issues. To help them deal with this, Singtel has launched a new one-stop solution called ‘SecuredOffice’ that packages fast Internet access with email and desktop security and auto-backup of data, together with BizWeb hosting solution for ten users (please see Fact Sheet below for more details). 

The email security solution includes email anti-virus scan and email anti-spam, while desktop security comprises desktop anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-spam and firewall features.

SecuredOffice brings ease of operation and peace of mind to SMBs.  Companies are protected against unauthorised access to confidential information and IT risks such as virus attacks. They enjoy cost savings as there is no need to invest in physical servers or full-time IT staff.  They also benefit from the simplicity of data being automatically backed up without any administrative intervention.  In case of system failure, data can be restored immediately.

In addition, SecuredOffice acts as a business continuity plan.  In the event of loss of important data, businesses can continue to operate remotely because data can be easily retrieved from the offsite servers.

Customers can save up to $500 per month with this value bundle, compared to investing in their own equipment, software and other IT resources.

More value for SmartOffice Broadband customers


Launched in October last year, SmartOffice BroadBand solution at 512kpbs offers SMBs an Intranet solution that includes email, domain and web hosting.

To help increase productivity and deliver more value to SMBs, SingNet now triples the speed for SmartOffice Broadband. SMBs can enjoy faster access speed of 1.5Mbps at the better value of only $99.

This higher speed allows more office staff to work simultaneously and more effectively.

Ms Sarah Chua, Singtel's Vice President, Business Sales, said: “We understand that our SMB customers are not only looking for higher bandwidth but also how they can use technology to enable their business growth by increasing their productivity and driving cost efficiency. SecuredOffice is another cost-effective addition to our range of one-stop solutions developed specifically to serve small businesses, such as Office360.  It is designed to be easy to understand, scalable and hassle-free.

“We aim to be the preferred technology partner and the enabler of SMB growth. By providing an integrated security, broadband and office solution package, we take care of the important communication and IT needs of SMBs, leaving them free to concentrate on their core businesses.”

* The upload speed for the 2.5Mbps and 4Mbps plans is 600Kbps.



Fact Sheet

SingNet SmartOffice Broadband
SingNet SmartOffice Broadband is an integrated broadband and hosting solution that provides email, document and webhosting. It functions as a simple intranet platform for SMBs, which allows corporate announcements, email and documents to be accessed by employees 24 x 7 from any location, even when they are overseas. Emails can also be accessed via Singtel’s MobileM@il service, on mobile devices with no subscription and no local data charges.


Desktop Security
Desktop Security allows a full suite of desktop security protection including anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-spam and firewall software.

Offsite Backup and Restoration
Offsite Backup and Restoration (OBR) comes with 2GB of data backup service, hosted on Singtel’s servers. The service enables automatic backup of data from the 10 licensed PCs, protecting businesses against loss of important data and offers the simplicity of one-click restoration of data when required.

Launched in March this year, the Singtel Office360 solution, targeted at smaller businesses, is an integrated offering that provides SMBs with fixed and mobile calls, broadband access together with email and web hosting solutions.

Office 360 packages start from $120.25 and business customers can choose from the suite of solution packages to suit each business’ unique requirements. Customers can expect savings of up to 47 per cent.