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Singtel and Microsoft to launch Cloud Operating System

Singapore, 28 October 2014 – Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singtel) today announced the launch of the Cloud Operating System Network (COSN) with Microsoft in Asia Pacific. The solution enables enterprise customers to move their data and workload easily between public cloud, dedicated private cloud and Singtel’s virtual private cloud.

Singtel  is  the  first  telecommunications  service  provider  in  Asia  Pacific  to  partner Microsoft to offer COSN in the region.

Mr Lee Han Kheng, Vice President, Global Products at Singtel Group Enterprise said: “This collaboration benefits enterprises which use widely available Microsoft applications as they can now be assured of seamless interoperability between their Microsoft-based private clouds and Singtel Managed Cloud.  They can move their workload to any cloud which best meets their price, security, compliance and performance objectives.

“Our customers can keep their mission-critical data on-premises while harnessing the limitless computing power and storage of cloud on a pay-as-you-use basis.”

Singtel Managed Cloud, a hybrid cloud platform, already allows businesses to procure, deploy and manage IT resources without having to worry about heavy investment in servers and maintaining IT systems.  As an addition to Singtel Managed Cloud, COSN provides enterprises the flexibility to run Microsoft applications on Singtel cloud infrastructure and achieve optimal performance, enterprise grade security, resiliency and cost savings.

Ms Jessica Tan, Managing Director, Microsoft Singapore said: “The Cloud OS Network is a  worldwide  programme  for  elite  cloud  service  providers,  partnering  closely  with Microsoft to offer technically validated, cloud-based infrastructures and application solutions. By combining Microsoft’s technology with its hosting expertise and geographic specialisation, Singtel can provide flexibility and choice for hybrid cloud solutions.”

Ms Tan added, “Customers now have even more choice in deploying their hybrid cloud environments in addition to public clouds like Azure. Through the Cloud OS Network, customers will be able to bridge their dedicated on-premises investments with virtual private cloud deployments by Singtel.  This enables them to innovate faster, deliver new services and capabilities, improve employee productivity and lower costs.”

“With Singtel and Microsoft’s experts in cloud and applications, we can provide in-depth analysis of each enterprise’s business goals and requirements. By identifying workloads that can most benefit from cloud, we help businesses expedite the journey to the cloud with tested, proven and streamlined migration processes,” she said.

Other benefits
An important element of a seamless hybrid cloud is having secure connection between clouds. As the market leader in Asia Pacific Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks, Singtel enables enterprise customer to access the Azure public cloud and Singtel   Managed   Cloud   faster   and   more   securely   through   Microsoft   Azure

“The combination of different cloud solutions, connected through Singtel’s MPLS networks, offers enterprises high levels of security, availability, flexibility and cost efficiencies. In addition, enterprises can be supported by Singtel’s extensive range of award winning ICT services and be assured by our long standing reputation as the leading services provider in Asia Pacific,” said Mr Lee.

COSN and Singtel Managed Cloud are hosted in Singtel’s data centres in Singapore and Australia to serve the Asia Pacific region.  It complies with local data protection regulations and conforms to the ISO27001 standard which provides enterprises with greater assurance that their data is secure in the cloud.