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Singtel and partners to develop next-generation Near Field Communications solutions

Singapore 25 October 2011 - Singapore Telecommunications Ltd (Singtel) today announced that it will collaborate with the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), EZ-link, banks, public transport operators, payment service providers, ICT application vendors and handset manufacturers to develop Near Field Communications (NFC) solutions for consumers and businesses.

“Our vision is to enable as many applications as possible onto the NFC mobile wallet,” said Ms Chan Yim Leng, Singtel’s Vice President of Consumer Products. 

“The possibilities are endless.  Imagine incorporating credit cards, vouchers, identity cards, passports and public transport cards into the mobile phone.  These are just some of the many applications of NFC technology that Singtel hopes to turn into reality with the help of our partners,” she said.

Ms Chan said that NFC services were not limited to consumers but could also benefit businesses.  Enterprises may be able to adopt the technology for automated employee identity validation, thus allowing them to do away with staff access cards and punch cards. 

Singtel offers a suite of apps that will protect NFC phone users if their handsets are lost or stolen.  For example, Singtel’s Store and Share app allows users to keep all phone data in the cloud instead of the handset. The Singtel PhoneSafe application allows users to erase the contents of their phones remotely if they are misplaced. 

Singtel also aims to adapt its mobile apps to the NFC environment.  For instance, its popular ILoveDeals location-based shopping app could be enhanced with NFC capabilities.  Singtel’s new deF!ND mobile digital concierge app could also be adapted to NFC.  With deF!ND, customers can use voice activation to book taxis, locate amenities, book restaurants, buy movie tickets, identify the latest retail promotions, search business directories and look for food in their area.  The app is calibrated to recognise local accents and terms.

Ms Chan said: “Singtel shares IDA’s vision of strengthening Singapore’s position as a regional technology hub, and believes NFC technology is an important step towards building a global city powered by infocomm.  Ultimately, all Singaporeans will stand to benefit, as the technology will enhance their lives through greater convenience and productivity.”