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Singtel awarded mobile and internet broadcast rights for the Youth Olympic Games

Singapore, 13 November 2009 - Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singtel) today announced that it has acquired the exclusive broadcast rights for the Youth Olympic News Channel on the mobile phone platform within Singapore. It has also acquired the rights to broadcast the Youth Games, including the Youth Olympic News Channel, in Singapore over the internet on a non-exclusive basis. Singtel also has the exclusive rights to broadcast the Youth Games and the Youth Olympic News Channel on the mobile platform in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines and Thailand via Singtel's regional mobile associates. This will include a broadcast feed consisting of up to eight simultaneous 'live' feeds covering up to 15 different sports.

Additionally, Singtel will cooperate with OBS to develop an internet webcasting solution with a view to maximise the exposure of the Youth Olympic Games internationally.

During the Games, Singtel has the right to cooperate with the SYOGOC as a multimedia partner, to host up to five public screenings of the Youth Olympic Games at venues such as the City Celebration Sites. This will enable an even larger audience to watch the competition, and will be facilitated by the use of large screens where spectators can gather round to cheer for their teams and experience the spirit and atmosphere of the games. Singtel is also exploring the possibility of using cutting-edge 3D technology to enhance the experience at these events.

"We are honoured to be given the opportunity to bring the excitement of the inaugural Youth Olympic Games to audiences not just to Singapore, but also around the world," said Mr Allen Lew, Singtel's CEO Singapore. "This signifies the acceptance by the International Olympic Committee of our multimedia capabilities and the reach of the Singtel Group not only in Singapore but globally."

Singtel will also harness the power of social media through innovative services such as the Multi-Translational Chat and SMS service, Online Street-View Maps and a 3D Multimedia experience. "We look forward to connecting with the youth in Singapore and around the world by bringing them a unique and exciting experience at the first ever Youth Olympics Games," said Mr Lew.