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Singtel breakthrough cuts the cost of maritime broadband

Innovative solution uses existing shipboard equipment 

Singtel ICT solutions boost business productivity and crew welfare

Singapore, 24 March 2010 -- Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singtel) announced today it has developed an innovative maritime broadband solution that uses existing shipboard communications equipment, such as conventional satellite TV antennas, to allow vessels to receive high-speed broadband services.

With this technological breakthrough, maritime companies can enjoy the benefits of infocomm technologies (ICT) without heavy upfront capital investments in satellite broadband equipment and ongoing maintenance and manpower costs. Customers could potentially reap savings of up to US$120,000 in infrastructure costs per vessel.

The solution offers unlimited broadband connectivity with a download speed of 2Mbps, and is available on a subscription basis from US$1,999 per month. Its development was co-funded by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore’s Maritime Innovation and Technology Fund.

Mr Bill Chang, Singtel’s Executive Vice President of Business Group, said: “In the past, the cost of satellite infrastructure prevented many maritime companies from equipping their ships with high-speed broadband services.

“Singtel’s ground breaking solution eliminates these costs to make maritime broadband more affordable and accessible than ever. Companies with limited resources can now quickly and cost effectively leverage infocomm technologies to improve productivity, simplify operations and enhance crew welfare. For example, services such as ‘always on’ broadband internet access, email, video conferencing and voice calls can transform the way seafarers live, work and play.”

With high-speed broadband connectivity, seafarers can also access Singtel’s recently launched suite of entertainment services. This includes the first-of-its-kind Karaoke-On-Demand service that allows seafarers to show off their vocal abilities with the same video and sound quality as conventional karaoke systems. In addition, seafarers can enjoy a wide selection of movies and content with Singtel’s maritime video-on-demand service.

To aid in the smooth running of a ship, Singtel offers a suite of solutions that includes e-Surveillance, fleet manangement tools, managed security services, navigation and tracking and web-based remote monitoring of vessels and equipment. Singtel also offers a solution to enable downloads of coloured weather forecast charts and also electronic submissions of regulatory forms such as Notice of Arrival and Departure (NOAD) at foreign ports.

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