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Singtel brings racing action closer to Singapore

Title Sponsor of Singapore Grand Prix 2011 launches series of “firsts” where anyone can “race” and  achieve amazing records

Singapore, 22 March 2011 – As an integral part of its continued title sponsorship of the Formula 1™ Singtel Singapore Grand Prix, Singapore Telecommunications (Singtel) has announced a series of exciting “firsts” enabled by the company’s vision and leading multimedia services.

These new initiatives affirm Singtel’s commitment to extending the racing spirit beyond the Formula One™ race to permeate throughout the community, encouraging a competitive spirit and personal race to excellence.

The activities will create opportunities for anyone to “race” against the clock to achieve individual speed records as the season kicks off this weekend and in the months leading up to the highly-anticipated 2011 Formula 1™ Singtel Singapore Grand Prix. The series of “firsts” launched by Singtel today include:

Create your breaking ‘firsts’ with Singtel’s ‘Fast is Amazing’

Inspiring a community of racers, Singaporeans are urged to set their individual records of speed at and at Singtel ‘live’ Formula One™ screenings at participating Kopitiam outlets, Harry’s bars and malls in the heartlands. As a start, Singtel has suggested 10 race categories based around familiar local pastimes to encourage Singaporeans to start clocking their times. 

To live up to Singapore’s reputation of being one of the fastest and most competitive race nations, Singtel will submit these 10 ‘Fast’ categories for entry into the Guinness World Records, in a bid to make Singapore the fastest nation.

“During this Formula One™ season, we want Singaporeans to feel the race action both on and off the track,” said Singtel’s CEO Singapore, Mr Allen Lew.

“With our ‘Fast is Amazing’ platform online and at our ‘live’ screenings, whether you are the fastest durian eater or have the quickest fingers on SMS, everyone can participate and possibly break a world record to cement our status as the fastest nation in the world,” Mr Lew said. 

Formula One™ race enters the heartlands with multiple firsts 

For the first time, Singtel mio TV will be broadcasting ‘live’ the entire Formula One™ season at Kopitiam outlets, Harry’s bars and shopping malls. The first race in Melbourne, Australia will be broadcast this weekend at Kopitiam Square at 10 Sengkang Square. To bring the real-time excitement of Formula One™ closer to Singaporeans, Singtel is screening the races in true high-definition for the first time on ESPN HD, and in 3D which is a first for Singapore. Fans of Formula One™  can also look forward to guest celebrity appearances during the ‘live’ screenings, get in on the race action and take part in ‘Fast is Amazing’ activities alongside the celebrities to race against the clock and create their individual speed records.

View it like a Formula One ™ driver for the first time

For the first time in Asia, Singtel is bringing the race experience from the Formula One™ driver’s seat to Singaporeans with nine in-car cameras on nine Formula One™ cars to capture the thrills of what goes on from the perspective of a driver exclusive to Singtel on ESPN player online and Mobile ESPN.


The Singtel Formula One™ experience will also be brought to greater heights with the first ever multi-platform viewing experience.  Available across three ESPN STAR Sports platforms and exclusive to Singtel, fans can catch the race action anywhere – ‘live’ on STAR Sports on mio TV Channel 115, online on ESPN Player or ‘live’ streaming via Mobile ESPN on their mobile devices.

Drive it like a race legend for the first time

Singtel is enhancing two custom-built Formula One™ race car simulators with technology similar to those made for race legends like Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button in order to bring Singaporeans the closest experience to driving a Formula One™ car. With more motion cues to bring to life the race driving experience, race car simulator drivers can experience the bumps and turns at corners, the exciting feel of high-speed acceleration and the thrill of sudden braking. On the Singtel Formula One™ race car simulators, they can go on a ‘virtual’ Formula One™ race of their lives while whizzing past iconic Singapore landmarks on the Singapore night race circuit.

Compete like a race legend against a Formula One™ driver for the first time

Beyond the ‘live’ screenings and individual races to clock records of speed throughout the season, Singtel will bring its two custom-built Formula One™ race car simulators into the heartlands so more people can experience the real sensation and thrill of driving a Formula One™ car with a 24-hour Singtel Simulator Race.

In this 24-hour challenge, enthusiasts will be able to clock their fastest timings on the simulator, and the 40 fastest will then be grouped into eight teams of five to compete in a team race round the clock on different race laps to win the ultimate honour of being Singapore’s fastest Singtel Formula One™ racing team. The team standing at the winner’s podium will also walk away with tickets to the 2011 Formula One™ Singtel Singapore Grand Prix, and a once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet an Formula One™ driver and to compete against him on the Singtel Formula One™ race car simulator, in celebration of being “Singapore’s Fastest”. 

Go-kart like an aspiring a Formula One™ driver

To nurture Singapore’s next generation of motorsports talent, Singtel will launch a new initiative in collaboration with Singapore Motor Sports Association. The programme will see Singtel sponsor 30 talented students in their racing prime to an accredited course introducing the youth to the fundamentals in go-karting, widely regarded as a very important start to building the careers of many accomplished Formula One™ racers.

The search for these elite 12 to 15 year old racers begins with a race of speed on the Singtel Formula One™ race car simulators, where the young students can experience the adrenaline rush of being in the driver’s seat and be exposed to the fun and excitement of motorsports racing. The top 30 fastest timings on the Singtel Formula One™ race car simulators will qualify for the accredited go-karting course, sponsored by Singtel.

This introduction programme will culminate in a go-kart challenge to uncover young racers with the potential to be Singapore’s top motor racers in future. To provide a platform to develop these talents with further training opportunities, Singtel will award the top three racers and their schools a Go-Karting Track Day out where other young students will get to try their hand at and learn the fundamentals of go-karting.

Build your endurance  with Singtel Amazing TRI-FACTOR

Singtel will sponsor this year’s TRI-FACTOR Triathlon, part of a unique multi-segmented sporting series that encourages participants to challenge their limits to achieve their personal best in various sporting races - Swim, Bike, Run and Triathlon - a combination of all three.

Similar to the Singapore Grand Prix, the Run event in the TRI-FACTOR Series will have its flag-off at the Formula One™ pit, symbolic for athletes looking to triumph in the race against themselves. In addition, Singtel will be creating special segments within the races to inspire them to clock mini speed records worked into their race routes with attractive prizes to be won.

The race by Singtel to provide a truly innovative Singtel Formula One™ experience

The leading multimedia solutions provider is also launching a highly-interactive Smartphone application. In another exciting “first”, fans can not only make use of the smart application for the latest Formula One™ news, team information, events calendar but they can also find their friends at the Singapore race and vote for their favourite Singtel Grid Girls. Singtel will also introduce the Formula One™ Fantasy game on, where consumers can be more than armchair experts as they create their Fantasy Formula One™ racing team to formulate winning strategies against other race participants.

Singtel Grid Girls

For the first time, the Singtel Grid Girls will be shortlisted by popular local celebrities, Elvin Ng and Rebecca Lim and styled by locally-renowned celebrity stylist, Fong Fan. A rigorous judging process by judges and the public will then follow for the Singtel Grid Girls as they are put to the test with a series of ‘Fast is Amazing’-inspired speed challenges. Singaporeans can meet their favourite Grid Girls at selected ‘live’ screenings and roadshows and vote for their favourite Grid Girl at and at the roadshows.


An overview

“Amazing things happen when people are inspired and challenge their personal limits. This year, in true Formula One™ spirit, we hope that our initiatives will inspire the racer in everyone to dream big and clock record achievements,” Mr Lew said.

For more information on Singtel F1™ activities and e details on how to participate in Singtel’s ‘Fast is Amazing’, visit