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Singtel Circle customers get free access to Stingray Music’s 50 live music stations

Singapore, 15 June 2017 – Singtel announced it will offer Singtel Circle customers[1] free access to 50 live music stations via Stingray Music, a Canada-based music service. Starting today, customers will be able to enjoy commercial-free music across numerous genres in English, Mandarin, Malay, Tamil and other languages, 24 hours, 7 days a week, on Singtel TV, mobile devices and computers.

Mr Yuen Kuan Moon, Chief Executive Officer, Consumer Singapore, Singtel, said, “We are always keen to explore new ways to add value to our customers’ lifestyle experiences. Singtel is pleased to be the first in the Asia Pacific region to introduce Stingray Music and provide countless hours of music entertainment for our Singtel Circle customers’ listening pleasure. We’re not stopping here and will continue enhancing Singtel Circle’s suite of benefits.” 

Stingray Music for Singtel Circle customers offers a diverse range of genres to suit every music preference, including K-Pop hits, jazz, pop hits, ethnic and dialect music. Each of the 50 music stations is curated by an expert music programmer to provide the best listening experience for any occasion.

To begin listening to Stingray Music on Singtel TV, Singtel Circle customers can simply select a station of their choice on Channel 800. They can also tune in to Channels 801 to 820 for direct access to stations catering specially to local audiences, such as Total Hits Singapore, Mandarin Hits, Tamil Favourites and more. For Stingray Music on mobile and online, customers just need to authenticate their devices via their Singtel TV set-top box in a few easy steps.

Singtel Circle is exclusive to customers with eligible postpaid mobile, fibre broadband and Singtel TV plans registered under the same subscriber ID. In addition to free Stingray Music access, Singtel Circle features perks that include free local data on Sundays, mobile plan discounts and an annual handset upgrade waiver worth S$350.

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Stingray Music for Singtel Circle customers

Station Name

Station Description

Mandarin Hits

Treat yourself a musical trip down memory lane! This channel features the most popular Mandarin songs to have climbed the charts in the ‘80s, ‘90s, and ‘00s.

Getai & Pop Hits

The stage is set for the most celebrated Getai and pop songs in Taiwan and Singapore. Tune in anytime you are in the mood for dancing and a singing along to familiar songs.


Smooth sounding Cantonese music from today and the last two decades. Well-known contemporary and pop artists offering a relaxing atmosphere.


Only the biggest hits to have ever climbed the Malaysian charts in the past decades are featured in this channel of guaranteed crowd-pleasers.

Tamil Favourites

Your source for a sweeping selection of Tamil music of today and yesterday, a genre rich in history and meaning that fuses instrumentation with ancient poetry from all corners of India.


For all the best music from the biggest Indian films at the moment. The channel reflects the highly productive and very popular cinematic genre and plays the most successful music from recent releases.

Total Hits Singapore

Keep up with the latest and hottest hits climbing today’s Singapore charts with this channel featuring local and international superstars.

Today’s K-Pop

Tune in to the captivating mega hits by today’s K-pop superstars that fans in Korea and around the world just can’t get enough of!

Softer Side of Pop

Give in to your romantic and sentimental nature with the best in soft pop contemporary music.

Rock Alternative

High energy, ground-breaking new sounds, with roots deep in the rock of ages.

Cool Jazz

Smooth and sophisticated. Jazz in a lighter mood.

Jazz Classics

Jazz from a variety of world class artists.

Classical Calm

Bach without the bite, the gentler side of Classical.


Experience all your favourite show tune hits. Bright lights here we come!

Classic R'n'B & Soul

Motown, Stax, Philly and more, all the movers and shakers of the soul years! This is funk music to make you move. Enjoy the trailblazers of the Soul R&B era.

Greatest Hits

We all have music collections full of Greatest Hits CD’s. This channel is full of those and then some.

Dancefloor Fillers

Can’t get to the nightclub? Let it come to you! Night and day, let loose to today's greatest dance anthems. Discover the energetic tracks that are hits on the dance floors of Europe.

Eclectic Electronic

This is electronic music for life.  From the club level to the chill and mellow. Hear all the best music from artists like Zedd, Adventure Club, Kixnare, Bobby Tank and Rudimental just to name a few.


There is only one word needed to describe this channel. Rock.


Songs, lullabies and fun for the under 7’s.

Asian Hits

Want to keep track of what’s going on in the Asian music scene? This channel is for you!

Today’s J-Pop

Take a listen to hits by the biggest J-pop stars currently reigning on the Japanese charts. This channel is an essential to keep up with what’s on top!


Chart toppers from the Philippines. Popular Tagalog music in all genres covering the last 20 years.

The Sound of Mando-Pop

This channel features a variety of Mando pop ballads and soft pop, offering a mix of current and classic artists from '70s to present.


A beautiful and dramatic selection of traditional Chinese and Western classical music compositions and opera performances that have left their mark on the centuries.

Classical Greats

The Classical ‘big guns’.

Country Classics

The best-loved country classics.

Hot Country

All the hits of new country.


Songs that evoke great memories.


Take a time machine to the decade when pop music was new.


Every one’s a winner. Whether you’re a dancer, a rocker or a lover.


Pump up the volume with everyone’s favourite decade.


A time machine back to a time when flannel shirts, crop tops and overalls were the height of fashion.

The Spa

Purely instrumental electro-acoustic music.

Cocktail Lounge

Easy listening with style.

Easy Listening

For some light, relaxed, cheerful melodies in the background, tune in to the best in easy listening music by popular artists James Last, Ferrante & Teicher, James Galway, the Carpenters, Barry Manilow, Bread, and more.

New Age

From solo guitar pieces through to ambient electronic music.

Swinging Standards

Take a trip down memory lane to before the birth of rock and roll.

Smooth Jazz

The hottest contemporary jazz artists in a smooth-flowing soundscape, featuring melodic and stylish guitars, saxophones, pianos, trumpets.


Popular and catchy melodies that tweens between the ages of 9 and 13 will find absolutely awesome.

Cantonese Classics

A collection of songs by the most successful and influential Cantonese artists of the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s. Great memories guaranteed!

Classical India

The best of classical music from all over India.

Hindi Gold

Popular Hindi Music from recent hits to favourite classics.

Tamil Love Songs

Having trouble telling that special someone how you feel? These love songs in Tamil perfectly soundtrack all your romantic moments and express the love that grows in your heart.

Singapore Rocks

This channel is your destination when you want to rock out to the rowdiest bands and artists from Singapore and the Eastern world. Features the loudest hits of today and the last two decades.

All-Day Party

Music to sing your heart out to.


If you prefer pop with a hint of rock, park your ears here.

Silk (Love Songs)

Never mind the ballads, here are the love songs.

Summer Hits

A sun-kissed and cheerful collection of pop hits from the ‘50s to today.

Classic Hip-Hop

All the hip-hop greats are here, plus a healthy serving of forgotten gems, one-hit wonders and underground classics, all the way back from the late 70s right up to the early 2000s, along with a few R&B cuts to smooth things out.




[1] Singtel Circle customers refers to quad-play subscribers with eligible postpaid mobile, fibre broadband and Singtel TV plans