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Singtel cloud security solution protects businesses from cyber-threats anywhere and anytime

 Up to 75% cost savings; powered by Symantec technologies


Singapore, 17 November 2011 – Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singtel) and Symantec Corp. (Nasdaq: SYMC) today announced the launch of the Singtel PowerON Security suite of cloud-based cyber-security solutions and services for businesses.


Singtel PowerON Security offers enterprises comprehensive on-demand protection from viruses, malware, spam and other online threats to allow employees to access email, company servers and the Internet securely, whether they are in the office or on the move.  The solutions can also provide automatic security updates to protect employee laptops, desktop computers and servers, and will soon be enhanced to include tablets and smartphones.  PowerON Security works with any mail client and server configuration.  A user-friendly web-based portal allows IT administrators to manage staff devices and view real-time service statistics and reports.


Powered by Singtel’s cloud computing capabilities and Symantec’s cloud security solutions and services, PowerON Security is offered on a monthly subscription basis.  Companies do not need to make upfront investments in equipment and can avoid the ongoing costs of implementing and maintaining complex systems and hardware.  This allows them to save up to 75% on their operating costs and reduces the set-up time significantly.  (See Annex 1 for detailed cost calculation).  In addition, they pay only for what they use and enjoy the flexibility to scale their requirements quickly to meet immediate business needs.


According to Symantec’s 2011 State of Security Survey, 20 percent of Singapore businesses have incurred over US$100,000 in expenses from attacks within the last year.  PowerON Security, which is backed by Symantec’s technologies, assures enterprises of comprehensive protection without restricting how, where and when employees work remotely.


Mr Bill Chang, Singtel’s Executive Vice President of Business Group, said: “Singtel is excited to work with Symantec to offer an enterprise-class cloud-based security solution.  With an increasingly mobile workforce, security has become a vitally important issue for businesses today.  PowerON Security brings together fixed, mobile and cloud technologies to enable companies and their staff to operate from any location with total peace of mind.”


“By relieving companies of the complexities of managing IT systems and software, we aim to help them to improve their productivity, increase business agility and reduce their operating costs significantly.  Today, more than 150,000 users trust Singtel’s cloud services to drive their business operations, and we are aiming to continue to grow these services with a CAGR that is greater than 50% over the next 3 years,” he said.


“Today’s mobile workforce wants simple and secure access to their information from wherever they are,” said Enrique Salem, Symantec’s President and Chief Executive Officer.  “This provides a challenge for organizations as they grapple with how to enable greater mobility against an ever evolving threat landscape. Symantec’s partnership with Singtel to provide cloud-based security services fulfils this gap. Utilizing Symantec’s cloud-based email, web and endpoint protection technologies, this creates a very compelling solution for Singtel customers looking to enable greater mobility with confidence that their information is secure and protected.”


PowerON Security is available in three packages:

  • Power ON Security Email: On-demand protection for all email communications
  • Power ON Security Web: On-demand web security
  • Power ON Security Endpoints: Ensures employee devices are always protected


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 Cost savings calculation (based on estimated costs over 3 years)


Traditional ‘on-premise’ deployment for Email Protection 

(300 users)

Singtel Email Security Cloud

(300 users)

Hardware and Licences:


300-user subscription for 3 year:





USD 18,936

Set-up cost2:


Set-up cost5:

USD 324









Total cost:


Total cost:








  1. Maintenance for in-house Email Security Appliances - which includes scheduled & unscheduled maintenance, responding to outages, monitoring the system, running/viewing reports and vendor support. It also includes troubleshooting for end user questions and concerns.
  2. Set up for in-house Email Security Appliances - which includes deployment of appliances into organisation infrastructure, hardware and software configuration, integration, testing, tuning, IT and end user training and vendor support.
  3. Bandwidth represents the cost to the business for the amount of spam and malware received at the gateway using the inhouse security solution.
  4. Maintenance for Email Security Cloud- which includes monitoring the system, running/viewing reports and vendor support. It also includes troubleshooting for end user questions and concerns.
  5. Set up for Email Security Cloud - which includes deployment of solution into the enterprise network, testing, tuning, IT and end user training and vendor support.