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Singtel embarks on new brand promise to “make everyday better” for customers

Customers to enjoy seamless and effortless experiences in everything they do

Singapore, 21 January 2015 – Singtel today launched a new brand identity, the first in 16 years, with a promise – Let’s make everyday better.  This reflects a new phase in Singtel’s transformation journey to grow beyond traditional telecommunications into multimedia and ICT services.

The new Singtel aims to celebrate customers’ everyday achievements and help them discover experiences that are effortless and seamless in everything they do – at work, at home or when doing their favourite things.  It marks a bold commitment to enrich lives with better service, technology and content.

Singtel Group CEO, Ms Chua Sock Koong, said: “Generations in Singapore have grown up with Singtel. Customers see us as a trusted, reliable brand that is at the forefront of technology.  In this digital age, we recognise that customers also want things simpler, faster and delivered by people who truly care.

“To thrive and stay relevant, we will build on our customers’ trust in us and respond to their changing needs.  Our commitment is to make everyday better with distinctive products and services, and delivered with a customer-centric attitude.” 

Making everyday experiences better with service enhancements 

Singtel will continue to strengthen its network reliability and speed, and launch new innovative products.  It plans to reshape the customer experience with a series of new service promises, including shorter waiting times and distinct recognition of customer loyalty.

Effective today, customers can book their preferred appointment times with Singtel shops via  This will reduce customers’ waiting time at the shops.

Additionally, effective March 2015, customers can request call-backs by Singtel hotline officers at their preferred times. From April onwards, customers with service appointments can expect Singtel technicians to arrive within 30 minutes of their appointment time.

Singtel Consumer Singapore CEO, Mr Yuen Kuan Moon said: “Our brand promise is an ongoing journey to delight our customers. We are committed to listen closely to our customers and introduce service enhancements that matter most to them.  We will mobilise our employees across Singtel to deliver to the promise.” 

Celebrating with customers and our community

To celebrate the new brand, Singtel will donate 10% of the sales proceeds from all Singtel shops over two days to the Singtel Touching Lives Fund, Singtel’s corporate philanthropy programme that supports children and youths with special needs.

“Singtel touches the lives of more than four million customers in Singapore, connecting them with their families and friends all over the world.  We want to do our part to lift the community and help society advance through our services and technology investments,” Mr Yuen added. 

To thank loyal customers for their support, Singtel is launching a weekly treat, Better Thursdays with Singtel.  As a start, postpaid mobile customers will enjoy free outgoing local calls all-day on 22 January 2015. On subsequent Thursdays, customers can look forward to other treats such as free Singtel TV previews, unlimited local data and, for prepaid mobile customers, free access to Facebook. Details of other Better Thursdays will be shared at a later date.

The new Singtel logo

The new logo is marked by a signature red arc that reflects innovation and the ongoing evolution of the business. It symbolises Singtel’s commitment to customers to make everyday better with its service, technology and content, and to deliver experiences that are seamless and effortless in everything they do – at home, at work and when doing their favourite things. 

The word “Singtel” bears friendlier curves and rounded corners to show the company is approachable, caring and optimistic.  The lower case “t” celebrates the company’s heritage as a telco and marks its transformation into a leading multimedia and ICT services company.  



Appendix 1


Making everyday better with service enhancements

(A)       Appointment booking at Singtel shops

Description of service enhancement:

Previous experience:

  • Customers take a Q ticket when they visit the Singtel shop.  They can opt for an SMS alert on when they will be served.

Customer benefits with new service enhancement:

  • Customers can decide on and lock in the time of their visit via My Account (online). Singtel shop staff will be ready to serve them when they arrive.  
  • Hourly slots are available for booking. Customers can make a booking at least 6 hours before their intended time of visit, subject to availability, or up to 3 days (mobile services) / 30 days (non-mobile services) in advance.
  • Prior to their visit, they can also check the availability of popular handset models, make a reservation of the device they are interested to purchase, and check their eligibility for re-contracting of service. 
  • Effective date: 21 January 2015 for MyAccount.  To be rolled out to mysingtel app in February 2015.


(B)       Preferred customer care call-back time

Description of service enhancement:

  • Customers with outstanding or new queries can dial 1688 to book a time for a Singtel customer care agent to contact them.

Previous experience:

  • Customers have to wait on the phone to speak to a customer care agent. Sometimes when an agent follows up with a call back to the customer, the customer may not be available to answer the phone. 

Customer benefits with new service enhancement:

  • Customers can dial 1688 and select an option via the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to book their preferred time for a Singtel customer care agent to call them.
  • The scheduled call back minimises the waiting time on the phone for customers. This also reduces the chances of missed calls between the customer and the customer care agent.
  • Half-hour slots are available for the follow-up calls from 9am-11am and 2pm – 4pm.
  • Effective date: March 2015 on 1688 IVR. To be rolled out to My Account (web) and mysingtel app progressively.

(C)       Home/Office appointments: Tightened window of waiting time

Description of service enhancement:

  • Singtel installation team will arrive within a 30-minute window period for home and office appointments.

Previous experience:

  • Technicians arrive anytime within a 2-hour window period* (e.g. between 2pm-4pm) for customers who make an appointment for installation works at their residence or office.

Customer benefit with new service enhancement:

  • By reducing the window of waiting from 2 hours to just 30 minutes, it frees up customers’ time to attend to other matters.
  • Effective date: April 2015


Appendix 2

Better Thursdays with the new Singtel

Singtel customers will enjoy the following treats every Thursday (from 22 January – 19 February 2015) as part of the Singtel brand relaunch.

  • 22 Jan:      Free local calls all day for postpaid mobile customers
  • 29 Jan:      Free SMSes all day for postpaid mobile customers
  • 5 Feb:        Free 30-day preview of new SingtelTV channels for SingtelTV subscribers
  • 12 Feb:      Free Facebook access all day for prepaid mobile users
  • 19 Feb:      Free data all day for postpaid mobile customers


Singtel Country Chief Officer Singapore, Mr Bill Chang, Singtel Group CEO, Ms Chua Sock Koong and Singtel CEO Consumer Singapore, Mr Yuen Kuan Moon unveil the new Singtel brand


The new logo at Singtel’s headquarters, Comcentre


A fleet of Singtel vans sporting the new brand