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Singtel enters into alliance with Globe Wireless

Globe Wireless to resell Singtel’s Inmarsat airtime in multi-million dollar deal


Singapore, 5 February 2007 – Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singtel), Asia’s leading communications group and one of the world’s leading providers and founding partners of Inmarsat services, today announced that it has entered into an alliance with US-based Globe Wireless, one of the world’s leading global maritime, IT and communications companies.

Globe Wireless will resell Singtel’s Inmarsat airtime in a multi-million dollar deal.  The company, based in Palm Bay, Florida, has a customer base of more than 400 ship operators with a total fleet of over 5,500 ships. 

The collaboration will significantly enhance Singtel’s offering of communications services to its maritime customers and the industry as it will also tap Globe Wireless’ extensive suite of communications solutions, including messaging, data, voice, and IT applications.

“We are delighted to work with Globe Wireless,” said Mr Titus Yong, Singtel’s Head of Satellite.  “Through Singtel’s powerful integrated fixed and mobile satellite applications, Globe Wireless has found an experienced and reliable satellite operator in us who will supply airtime to run its suite of communications solutions.

“Singtel can also leverage Globe Wireless’ in-depth knowledge of the maritime business and offer its wide range of solutions to our customers in the maritime industry.  Ultimately, the customers of both companies will benefit in terms of better service and more innovative solutions.”

Among them is Globe Wireless’ sophisticated messaging service.  Besides the ability to support multi-language systems, the service runs on its own e-mail platform that is independent of the vessel’s communications systems.  It also provides interface to third-party applications and round-the-clock technical support.  Other solutions include: GlobeForms which allows vessels to submit notification of arrival and departure forms electronically; GlobeWeather which tracks weather conditions, GlobeLocator which tracks ship routes; and GlobeArchive, a powerful tool to organise information relating to incoming and outgoing messages.

In addition to its communications network, Globe Wireless has established a worldwide infrastructure involving engineering and development, installation service, IT, customer support and direct sales.

Mr Frank Coles, Chief Executive Officer of Globe Wireless, said: “Globe Wireless is extremely excited about the partnership with Singtel, one of the world’s leading telecommunications companies.  The partnership forms the leading maritime customer focused IT and communications solution provider.”

Mr Yong added: “There is a lot of synergy in this partnership.  Both parties bring distinct, complementary strengths to the table.  I am confident this collaboration will considerably strengthen both our businesses.”