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Singtel first in Asia to offer global maritime satellite broadband service

Seamless coverage over all major shipping routes worldwide

World’s first satellite broadband solution integrated with secure private network

Singapore, 19 March 2008 -- Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singtel) announced today that it is the first satellite service provider in Asia to offer a maritime broadband service with true global coverage.
Singtel, one of Asia’s leading satellite service providers, has been providing Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) services with regional coverage for over two years.  It is now extending its reach to provide seamless, worldwide coverage over all major shipping routes through its strategic alliances with top-tier global satellite service providers.
Mr Bill Chang, Singtel's Executive Vice President for Business, said: “In the past, VSAT deployments onboard vessels such as container ships required time-consuming re-configurations of the satellite communications equipment when the vessels move from one ocean region to another.
“Singtel’s global maritime VSAT service has advanced auto-beam switching capability which eliminates the need for manual intervention.  This helps shipping owners save valuable time and resources.”
The new service is the first in the world that offers customers secure connectivity to offices on land over a private terrestrial network.  It is fully integrated with Singtel’s award-winning ConnectPlus Internet Protocol – Virtual Private Network (IP-VPN), which provides extensive coverage in over 80 destinations worldwide. 
Mr Chang said that customers will enjoy peace of mind knowing that sensitive shipboard information and data applications such as email will be safe from the threat of hackers and terrorists, as they are delivered over a secure private network.
Network congestion and latency will also not be a problem, unlike services that deliver traffic over the public Internet.
Customers can quickly and easily extend their office Virtual Private Network (VPN) applications to the sea in a secure manner.  This enables the ship to become an extension of the shore-based office.
Mr Chang added: “Singtel is excited to play a key role in rejuvenating the maritime industry with this breakthrough.  Our innovative solutions will transform the way our maritime customers operate, enabling them to take their businesses to the next level.”