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Singtel first to introduce converged voice and data IP solution

Cost savings for enterprise customers running multiple applications on converged IP platform

25 May 2006, Singapore -- Singapore Telecommunications Ltd (Singtel), Asia’s leading communications group, today announced that it is the first telco in Singapore to launch a converged voice and data solution over a privately managed IP network for enterprise customers.

Called Meg@POP i-PhoneNet, the new solution is designed to meet the needs of companies inSingapore that are looking for a cost-effective way to support both their corporate data and voice applications.
Meg@POP i-PhoneNet is enabled through the integration of two Singtel’s IP services, namely i-PhoneNet, a standalone IP-centrex service, and Meg@POP, a suite of managed, business-class IP services. 
The converged solution Meg@POP i-PhoneNet is offered with QoS (Quality of Service) and is able to guarantee higher voice quality and service reliability.  Customers will enjoy more cost savings and value as they can now deliver voice, data and video securely over one single connection.  They also enjoy the convenience of a one-stop IP networking solution from Singtel.

Mr Lee Han Kheng, Singtel’s Vice President of Business Products, said,  “While IP technology has been widely adopted for company’s data communications due to its simplicity and cost effectiveness, many customers are generally still concerned with combining voice on the same network due to uncertainties around quality, security, reliability and costs.

“Meg@POP i-PhoneNet is a case in point that a converged solution does not need to compromise any of these key attributes that customers need.  Besides carrying the company’s data, voice and video traffic, the service also enables our customers to have extranet connection with their business associates or trading partners.  All our customers’ needs can be met simply through one IP network from Singtel.”

Mr Lee added, “We are pleased to be the first in Singapore to bring to our enterprise customers a truly converged IP solution of managed voice and data delivered over a cost-effective yet secure and seamless network.”

Note to editor: 
i-PhoneNet is a managed, hosted virtual private IP network of carrier-grade quality.  The service, which offers PBX-like functions and IP-like features on a unified platform, supports voice and data communications for businesses operating on multiple sites. 
Singtel Meg@POP, a flexible, scalable and cost-effective one-stop IP networking solution, is best suited for enterprises looking to meet their Intranet, Internet and application needs.