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Singtel first in Singapore to offer Sorority Forever ‘mobisodes’

Singtel first in Singapore to offer Sorority Forever ‘mobisodes’


Exciting new Hollywood teen drama now available free-of-charge to all Singtel 3G mobile phone subscribers


Singapore, 13 January 2009 --- Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singtel) has launched Warner Brothers’ shortform digital series Sorority Forever – from director/ producer McG (Terminator Salvation, Supernatural, The O.C. & Chuck) - as a value-added service for its iPhone and 3G mobile customers.
Sorority Forever consists of 37 mobisodes (each between 2-3 minutes in length) and the entire series is now available for viewing for free with no data charges or any additional fees.
Sorority Forever is an innovative mystery/drama which peeks behind the walls of one of the most intriguing secret societies in the world: the sorority. With a mystery around every corner, the series provides viewers with an immersive experience that is simultaneously realistic and voyeuristic. Think Prom Queen meets the O.C., but set in college.
The series stars Jessica Rose (“lonelygirl15,” “Greek”), Mikaela Hoover (“Sam Has 7 Friends,” “Frank”), Taryn Southern (“Project MyWorld,” “Senior Skip Day”), Anabella Casanova, Candice Patton (“The Young and the Restless,” “Commander and Chief”), Annemarie Pazmino (“The Bitterness,” “On Bloody Sunday”), Jessica Morris (“One Life to Live” “Senior Skip Day”), Cary Hungerford, Angie Cole, David Loren (“Prom Queen,” “Manjé”) and Joaquin Pastor (“Californication”).
Some of the characters have a Myspace profile and the sorority Phi Chi Kappa has a website and an event calendar that provides clues about future plot details.
WBITD has previously launched the show on broadband services in several territories around the world, including Bebo in the UK, MSN in Canada, GOM TV in Korea, and TVNZ on demand in New Zealand.
To watch Sorority Forever, 3G WAP users can select the “TV” option from the "IDEAS WAP" Portal and select the “Mobisodes” on the portal. These mobisodes can also be viewed on mio TV on Mobile via a simple click. iPhone users can add the IDEAS icon, select “Entertainment & TV” and click the “Watch” button.
"With the growing number 3G phone users and customers who enjoy digital content, we are pleased to bring our customers good quality made-for-mobile content like 'Sorority Forever'. We are also offering the show free to our over 1.07 million 3G customers with no data charges or sign-up fees, making it possible for them to enjoy interesting and entertaining mobile TV content their phones,” said Mr Terence Lai, Singtel’s Director of Mobile Advertising, Content & Portal Product.


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