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Singtel Gets Nation Fired Up For Team Singapore

Singtel unveils 7.5m mega sculpture outside ION Orchard for Singaporeans to show support for Team Singapore at the upcoming 2012 London Olympics Games

Singapore, April 27, 2012 – Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singtel) has unveiled a 7.5 metre tall sculpture to kick off the 90-day countdown to the London 2012 Olympic Games. Resembling five exuberant waves of flames, the interactive structure aims to ignite the nation’s passion in a collective declaration of support for Team Singapore.

This follows Singtel’s announcement of its partnership with the Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC) made last month, in support of Team Singapore. The five-year partnership covers all SNOC-sanctioned major overseas games, starting with London 2012, and is one of the longest-standing partnerships SNOC has inked with a private organisation.

Called the “Singtel Flame of Support”, the sculpture weighs 1,500 kg, measures 7.5m tall and consists of more than 3,300 LED lights. Singaporeans can show their support by pressing a button that will light up one portion of the structure. Singtel hopes to collect 200,000 pledges of support within the next 90 days, which will culminate in the Flame being fully lit to commemorate the start of the Games.

Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean (Minister for Home Affairs, Coordinating Minister for National Security and President of the Singapore National Olympic Council) said, “As our athletes enter the final stages of preparations before they face sportsmen and women from around the world in the London 2012 Olympic Games, our good wishes will remind them that they are not alone.  They have a nation of five million supporters cheering them on, right here in Singapore. I am very heartened that corporations like Singtel have come forward to show their strong commitment to the development of Singapore sports, and help our athletes to become a symbol of our National pride at the Games.”

Ms Chua Sock Koong, Group Chief Executive Officer, Singtel said, “We are very proud to have this opportunity to excite and engage the people of Singapore to rally behind Team Singapore for London 2012. I encourage everyone to come forward and show Team Singapore that we are all behind them in their pursuit of sporting excellence.”

“With 90 days to go, everyone matters in this nation-wide effort as each pledge goes a long way towards our ultimate goal of 200,000 expressions of support, which will result in the complete light up of the Flame. This will no doubt be a source of inspiration, warmth and encouragement for our athletes while they compete in London,” she said.

Designed by Jon Griffin of Brandspeed and the main contractor Light10 Industries, the iconic sculpture comprises of five wave-like structures designed to resemble exuberant flames, each representing one of the five Olympic Rings. The sculpture symbolises the dynamism, resilience and excellence of spirit of our athletes, as well as Singapore’s dreams and aspiration for the upcoming Games.

Located at ION2 Level 1 (outside ION Orchard facing Paterson Road), the sculpture will be available for public pledges of support from April 27, 7.30pm onwards. Singaporeans can also log on to Singtel’s Facebook page at next week to show their support for Team Singapore.

Another avenue that Singaporeans can show their support is through the mobile website ( and QR Code initiative that will be appearing island-wide. Singaporeans stand a chance to win an Olympic Package for two by sending in their well-wishes and reasons why they want to go to the London 2012 Games to cheer on Team Singapore. (Please refer to accompanying factsheet for further information).

As Official Telecommunications Company for the Singapore National Olympic Council, Singtel will equip the athletes with smartphones as well as complimentary airtime and data subscriptions while they are in London.

Back at home, all mio TV subscribers will enjoy free access to exciting round-the-clock coverage of the London 2012 Games across 13 channels (10 of which are in HD).  This includes over 680 hours of build-up programming and original programming featuring highlights from the Games. mio TV will aim to broadcast every single ‘live’ event that Team Singapore athletes are involved in. The platform’s technical capabilities enables viewers to use a robust search function to look for the events that they wish to watch without having to surf through all 13 channels.