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Singtel to help establish Singapore as a regional cloud computing hub

Singtel to help establish Singapore as a regional cloud computing hub

Singtel launches Singapore’s first integrated cloud computing marketplace for businesses
Singtel Innovation Exchange to accelerate development of cloud computing services
Singtel to attract developers and promote their compelling services in Asia Pacific markets
Singapore, 14 July 2009 - Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singtel) today announced it is collaborating with the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), International Enterprise (IE) Singapore, leading technology companies and software developers to establish Singapore as a regional cloud computing hub.
Cloud computing provides business services on demand, such as hosted email, web publishing and HR applications. Customers enjoy these services in a secure online environment on a subscription basis, without the need to install software and purchase licences for their employees.  They avoid high upfront investments in infrastructure and ongoing maintenance and upgrade costs. In Asia Pacific, the cloud computing services market is expected to grow rapidly with a CAGR of approximately 60% in 2011[1].
Mr Bill Chang, Executive Vice President of Singtel’s Business Group, said: “Cloud computing allows businesses to improve their productivity and yet lower their ICT costs by up to 90%. (Please refer to Annex A for an illustration).
“Cloud computing is gaining momentum globally as broadband and smart devices become more pervasive and affordable, and virtualisation technologies[2] mature. We expect this market to grow even faster with the launch of the ultra-fast Next Generation National Broadband Network in 2012 in Singapore.”
To help companies enjoy the benefits of cloud computing services, Singtel has introduced Singapore’s first integrated online platform for the delivery of business applications and services on demand, called Singtel Marketplace (
Singtel Marketplace allows companies to enjoy the benefits of software services, such as human resource management applications, on a monthly subscription basis. Customers also enjoy immediate activation of services, technical support and consolidated billing from Singtel. 
The Singtel Innovation Exchange

In collaboration with IDA, IE Singapore and its partners, Singtel has launched the Singtel Innovation Exchange (SiX), the most comprehensive industry partnership programme to accelerate the full life-cycle development of innovative business and consumer applications. 
Singtel aims to attract local and global developers, as well as commercialise their applications and promote them to more than 249 million mobile customers[3] and millions of business customers in the region.
Software developers will have access to resources like grid computing and technical consultancy from Singtel and its partners, which help to lower operational costs and shorten time-to-market.
Developers of consumer mobile applications can offer their solutions via the upcoming Singtel App Zone[4]. This online platform for prepaid and postpaid mobile customers currently offers over 1300 innovative applications for a comprehensive range of devices, including Android-enabled handsets. Solutions include educational, multimedia, communications and lifestyle applications.
Singtel and IE Singapore have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for this partnership. Under the MOU, IE Singapore will provide both financial and non-financial assistance through its global market connections and programmes such as the International Partners (iPartners) Programme.
Mr Yew Sung Pei, Assistant Chief Executive Officer of IE Singapore, said: “This partnership is in tandem with IE Singapore’s mission and an excellent example of how the public and private sectors can work together to increase business opportunities for our local enterprises in the global marketplace. Through the programme, we hope to work closely with Singtel to identify promising Singapore-based software developers and pro-actively match them with potential partners and customers overseas by leveraging Singtel’s connections and our global networks.”
Mr Andrew Khaw, Senior Director and Group Head, Industry Development of IDA, said: “Increasing access to technology and markets to help our Singapore infocomm players gain new competitiveness and market reach is a cornerstone of IDA’s industry development efforts. We actively engage infocomm MNCs and large local infocomm companies to groom smaller infocomm companies with their expertise and market network. In this respect, we are glad that Singtel has taken our collaboration to the next level, advancing from its Partners Programme to this larger scale Innovation Exchange. We hope Singtel’s latest initiative will serve to encourage other companies to join in the cause.”
Mr Chang said: “Singtel, together with IDA and IE Singapore, is excited to play a leading role in positioning Singapore as a regional hub for cloud computing services. The Singtel Innovation Exchange will leverage the strengths and collaborative efforts of an ecosystem of partners. It will accelerate the development and commercialisation of innovative services to empower businesses and consumers, changing the way our customers live, work and play.”
Cloud computing services case study
The following is a case study of how the cloud computing model can allow businesses to lower their ICT costs.
By using Singtel Marketplace cloud computing solutions, such as Singtel’s HR Assist HRM service, SMEs can enjoy up to 96 per cent in savings. 
Even after removing the IT Manpower savings, an SME can still save up to 74 per cent of IT costs.
Cost of ownership for HRM solution (Traditional Capex & Opex model)
Cost for cloud services HR Assist
(5-user licence for e-Leave & e-Payroll)
Bundled Deal
(Broadband 1.5Mbps +
 HR Assist)
Comes with the following free of charge:
·         Five-user HR Assist (e-Leave & e-payroll)
·         Free one-time HR Assist training for SME Admin/HR staff
·         Email hosting & Basic Web hosting
Servers for Data Storage & Archival & Redundancy
Software licences
One-Time System integration
Sub-total (Capex)
Software upgrades
BroadBand Subscription
Manpower for IT support
Sub-total (Opex)
Capex $5.5k amortised over five years 
Grand total ($1.1k +$28.1k)
per year
Grand Total
$1,110 per year
All $ in Singapore dollars                         Note: prices are before GST


[1] Source: Springboard Research “Software-as-a-Service in APAC: The Momentum Continues” (Aug 08). 
[2] Virtualisation technologies allow users to pool disparate physical computing resources, such as servers and data storage, so that they appear as one in a virtual environment. This simplifies and optimises the deployment and administration of computing resources.
[3]Together with its regional partners, Singtel serves more than 249 million mobile customers in eight markets.

[4]Developers who are interested in offering their applications on Singtel App Zone can email