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Singtel introduces new multimedia business conferencing service

Media-rich services, meetings and collaborations on multiple platforms now possible

Singapore, 28 November 2006 -- Singapore Telecommunications Ltd (Singtel) today announced that it will offer its business customers a media-rich business conferencing service. It will be supported on multiple platforms, such as desktops and mobile devices.

The Singtel Multimedia Desktop Conference service will benefit business users seeking alternatives to face-to-face meetings.
The service offers an integration of audio, video and data-sharing tools.  Users can carry out discussions, share and jointly edit documents, make presentations, conduct trainings and collaborate with people across town and around the world.  The meetings can also be recorded for review and archival purposes.
The service is supported on mobile devices such as 3G mobile phones.  Equipped with a laptop and a web camera or camera phone, users on the move will be able to conveniently gauge the responses of conference participants as well as facilitate business negotiations, training and closing of deals.
Users would be billed on a pay-per-use basis, thus eliminating the need for hefty capital investment.
Mr Wong Soon Nam, Singtel’s Vice President of Business Marketing, said: “Singtel is pleased to launch this media-rich solution to meet our customers’ business needs.  In today’s business climate, companies are highly concerned with safety, security, time and cost-related issues. Thus, online conferencing is more relevant than ever.  And customer benefits are significant.
“With the functional tools and easy-to-use features of the conferencing software, users can look forward to high-impact and productive meetings while enjoying cost and time savings from reduced commuting or overseas travel.”
A current user, Mr Omar, System Administrator, Lufthansa Systems Asia Pacific Pte Ltd said, “Multimedia Desktop Conference is an extremely useful and efficient tool for today's mobile business environment.”
Service registration and reservation is available via the Internet. For more information, visit
Multimedia Desktop Conference
Multimedia desktop conferencing offers an integration of audio, video and data-sharing tools. 
  • Online presentation – Enables a live, interactive, multimedia presentation that is flexible, easy to use and impressive. Users can present text, charts, display designs or even introduce and see new colleagues  

  • Collaboration – Users are able to share ideas using the ‘white board’ feature to make notes or draw diagrams 
  • Online discussion – Integration of audio allows participants to talk to one another simultaneously
  • Application-sharing – Participants can share and collaborate on electronic files/documents in real-time
  • Recording feature – Meeting proceedings can be recorded for review and archival purposes