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Singtel launches affordable and easy-to-manage crew welfare solution

Integrated solution priced at US$2,888, up to 75 per cent cost savings

Singapore, 18 October, 2011 – Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singtel) today announced the launch of an affordable crew experience package that will enable greater levels of control and efficiency for shipping companies, optimise operational costs as well as enhance welfare for their crew.

“Singtel is committed to helping maritime customers improve their bottom line and efficiency while bettering the lives of their crew,” said Mr Titus Yong, VP, Satellite, Singtel. “This unique offering clearly differentiates us from the rest of the industry, offering an affordable solution that is simple to implement and manage. We are very pleased to be able to offer this suite of services at such a competitive price, which we believe will bring immediate cost and productivity benefits to the community.”

This one-stop package provides high-availability Broadband and all the ICT components a company needs at only US$2,888. This includes Singtel’s All-in-One (AIO) Connect Services, which enables shipping companies worldwide to boost crew morale by offering them secure and always-on internet connectivity that will change the way they live, learn, work and play. The technology enables secure and fast data transfer and VoIP to be modulated at a cost effective level of 4 to 6kbps.

Fleet managers will also benefit from having access to an integrated network management system (iNMS) which facilitates end-to-end management and visibility of the entire fleet from the shore. This includes monitoring of device usage, visibility into network statistics and online administration, monitoring, setting of online alerts, filters and mailbox management.

Enhancing crew lifestyles

AIO Connect Services’ prepaid messaging card will instantly provide crew with access to Singtel’s recently launched CrewXchange portal, a lightweight one-stop shop for all the information and services that crew commonly require while at sea. It allows them to easily stay in touch with their family and friends via the ‘press-to-chat’ function, email, text messages and phone calls. Using just one integrated email account, crew mobility is enhanced as they continue to login to the same email account even when moving from one vessel to another.

Bandwidth is also optimised as the service allows for data compression and acceleration, translating to cost savings for crew.

On the CrewXchange portal, crew members can also access social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, read news, keep up-to-date with the latest football scores, surf the Web via AIO Connect and chat with other crew. The portal also enables them to stay in touch with the rest of the shipping community and the home office using a corporate intranet site which allows them to create private chat rooms and bulletin boards. MultiVoIP Connect enables up to eight concurrent voice connections, enabling conference calls with other crew members or family members.

“These days, it is normal to be hyper-connected while on land. This solution enables crew members to enjoy similar levels of connectivity while out at sea,” said Mr Yong. “With these technologies, we hope to help alleviate the stress and isolation that seafarers experience from being away from friends and family for extended periods.”

In collaboration with Singapore Maritime Academy (SMA), the system also enables crew to access career development and training opportunities, using e-learning sites to participate in corporate training, skills upgrading and prepare for industry certification exams. With an always-on connection, this can be done conveniently whilst off-duty.

Making fleet management an easier task

Singtel’s suite of management tools makes management a breeze for fleet managers. Tracking device usage, monitoring network statistics and administering email accounts can now all be done remotely via the single integrated management platform. Administrators are also able to separate business and crew billing with both pre-paid and post-paid accounts for hassle-free accounting.

In order to enable fleet managers to optimise bandwidth and communication costs, three voice-call settings and four picture compression options are available at different quality and cost levels. 

AIO Connect Services also ensures security and industry-leading support. Using secured access with PIN protection, the service also includes 24x7 year-round support from Singtel’s Network Operations Centre (NOC) which is helmed by a professional and dedicated team.

The AIO Connect Services package on Singtel’s MVSAT Ku-band broadband with Fleet Broadband entry back-up is currently being offered at a retail price of $2,888 per month for 36 months.  For more information, customers can call +1800 788 0022 (Singapore) +65 6788 0022 (International) or visit



MVSAT Ku-band Satellite bandwidth:
Standard* 128k/192k** (uplink/downlink)
Burstable to 512k/768k** (uplink/downlink)

* Standard committed information data rates achievable at most times.

** The downlink data rates (shore to ship) are achieved through Singtel's compression system at our hub. Compressions are most efficient (up to 50%) when compressing text documents.


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