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Singtel launches Football Frenzy, bringing local fans a fully immersive social football experience

Singtel launches Football Frenzy, bringing local fans a fully immersive social football experience

Customisable one-stop web portal called the Singtel Stadium where football fans gather to watch matches, chat and gain access to exclusive content and merchandise
For the first time, Singapore fans can watch ALL the UEFA Champions League matches, anytime on-demand via TV, web and mobile
Singapore, 1 July 2009 -- Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singtel) today announced the launch of Football Frenzy, Singapore’s first multimedia social football experience, which will soon be made available to fans across the company’s online, mio TV and mobile platforms.
Football Frenzy will kick off with the upcoming UEFA season, which starts in mid-August. And for the first time ever, fans will be able to catch all 146 UEFA Champions League matches both ‘live’ or via ‘replay’ on-demand, and as many as 149 UEFA Europa League matches.

“When we won the exclusive rights to the UEFA Champions League games last year, we said that sports - and football in particular – would be a key driver for content take-up,” said Mr Edward Ying, Chief of the Content & Media Services Group, Singtel. “The launch of Football Frenzy is a reinforcement of our commitment to become a major player in the market. We are very pleased to present the best of European football in this new and innovative format.”
Singtel currently holds the rights to the Italian Serie A, UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League. All three tournaments will be included in the new offering.
Singtel Stadium: Exciting new one-stop football community portal for everyone

Singtel will be launching a brand new website – – that features a virtual ‘Singtel Stadium’. To be fully launched in early August, this exciting web portal allows viewing of all ‘live’ and replay matches and access to exclusive football content. This will include editorials by Singtel’s panel of football stars, featuring prominent international players and ex-players. Visitors are invited to ‘claim a seat’ by signing up as a member. After they select their favourite team, the site then automatically ‘skins’ the page in their team’s colours and logo.
Within the stadium are multiple ‘rooms’, such as a Newsroom where visitors can select the news source they wish to see on their home page, Club Rooms where fans of Arsenal, Barcelona, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United can find information on the clubs, players and matches, as well as a Training Room where budding footballers can find tips to improve their game from players and ex-players.
Local fan clubs will also have their own presence within the Singtel Stadium, and there will be a free service for teams that would like to organise casual weekend matches and find information on local team profiles. 
The website is accessible to anyone with a broadband Internet connection, meaning that no additional set-top box or modem is required. The website promises a whole new viewing experience. After selecting one of up to eight ‘live’ matches they wish to watch, they can chat with friends in public chat rooms or create private ones, find odds from the pundits, statistics analyses, and even order fast food delivery on the same screen.
“We have conducted extensive research to understand what football fans want and designed the Singtel Stadium with them in mind,” said Mr Ying. “By offering flexibility in subscription options and scheduling, as well as providing value-added services and allowing customisation according to personal preferences, we feel that we have a truly innovative offering that customers will appreciate. 
We are confident that the Football Frenzy website will quickly gain traction with local football fans as the best local website for everything to do with the game as well as the place to go for social networking within the football community.”

Football Frenzy on mio TV
Three dedicated linear and one on-demand football channels will launch on mio TV in mid-August. The 24x7 linear channel called Football Frenzy (Channel 61) is where fans can catch the preview and highlight shows as well as the ‘live’ matches. Along with the two simulcast channels (Channel 62 & 63), as many as three ‘live’ matches will be screened simultaneously. 
From as early as 7am on the morning that the match is played, fans can also watch a replay of the matches anytime on-demand on channel 600, with access to all UEFA Champions League and up to 149 UEFA Europa League matches played.
“The UEFA matches are played in Europe and due to the time difference, local football fans usually have to stay up till the wee hours of the morning just to catch the games,” added Mr Ying. “We’re now giving them the option to wake up at 7am the next morning and watch the match. With the simple click of a button, they can fast forward to the goals, rewind to relive the moments and still make it to the office on time!”
The best of football on your mobile 
Football fans who prefer to get their updates on-the-go can subscribe to Football Frenzy on Singtel’s IDEAS mobile portal.  This channel is the same 24x7 linear channel on mio TV where fans can catch the preview and highlight shows as well as the ‘live’ matches.

Singtel Mobile customers can nominate two of their favourite teams and receive MMS goal clips as early as 7.30am on the morning that the matches are played.  They will also have access to a whole host of other services like match highlights and goals video clips via the IDEAS mobile portal. 

Flexible subscription options available

To cater to the different needs of football fans, Singtel is offering a range of flexible subscription options:  

Triple Screen Package
·       Priced at only $15.90 per month for a 12-month subscription period, the Football Frenzy Pack offers access to the complete package, spanning full access to the Singtel Stadium, mio TV and mobile platforms.   
A la Carte Options
·          Fans who wish to access all the matches online can subscribe to the Annual Ticket at $13 per month for a 12-month subscription period. 
·          Alternatively, ‘live’ and replay matches are available on for individual purchase at $6 and $3 respectively.
·          An optional add-on is the ‘Team Pass Pack’. For a one-time fee of $20, fans of Arsenal, Barcelona, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United can gain access to  special content, receive exclusive news and offers and be entitled to a ten per cent discount on all on-demand ‘live’ and ‘replay’ matches (usual price $6 and $3 respectively) whenever their team plays. 
·          All matches played will be available on-demand on both mio TV and the Singtel Stadium website as early as 7am on the morning that the match is played.
·          mio TV subscribers can choose to watch a replay of the matches on a pay-per-view basis from $3 per match.
·          At $2.14 per month, Singtel Mobile customers can subscribe to ‘Football Frenzy LIVE’ on the IDEAS WAP portal. They can also subscribe to ‘Football Frenzy Mobile’, which provides goal alerts via MMS and match highlight video clips at $5.35 per month. For non-subscribers, match highlights are also available for purchase at $0.54 each.
Early Bird Promotion
New and existing customers who sign up for the Football Frenzy Pack between now and August 16 will be entitled to the Early Bird Promotion, which entitles them to free installation (usual price $53.50) and two months off their 12-month subscription, and new mio Home sign-ups will get four months free subscription.
How To Subscribe
From today, customers can sign up for the Football Frenzy Pack at
Current mio TV customers can subscribe to Football Frenzy directly by using the mio TV on-screen menu or by calling the 24-hour automated system at 6691 2299 to register their interest. For new subscribers, sign-ups for mio TV services are available by calling the same number or at any hello! store or Singtel exclusive retailer.
Singtel Mobile customers can dial *UEFA (*8332) to subscribe to Football Frenzy LIVE and Football Frenzy Mobile.
About mio TV
mio TV is the innovative digital pay TV service offering from Singtel. Launched in July 2007, the service offers customers value and full flexibility to watch what they want, when they want.  Within two years, mio TV has signed up over 100,000 customers.
Currently, mio TV offers a total of 61 channels, of which 19 are on-demand channels. Content on mio TV covers a wide range of genres as well as Singapore’s largest range of video-on-demand titles and High Definition content.
Singtel is Asia’s leading communications group providing a portfolio of services including voice and data services over fixed, wireless, pay TV and Internet platforms. Together with its regional partners, it serves over 249 million mobile customers in eight markets. For more information, visit
*All prices quoted are inclusive of GST
Football Frenzy Pack – for only $15.90 per month (12 months)

1 24/7 Channel
2 Simulcast Channels
Replay Matches on-Demand
·          Access all 146 UEFA Champions League matches and 149 UEFA Europa League either “Live” OR On- Demand
·          Replay Matches on-Demand are available as early as 7am
Unlimited ‘LIVE’ Matches
Replay Matches on-Demand
·       Watch all 146 UEFA Champions League Matches and 149 UEFA Europa League LIVE & On-Demand
·       Whole new web viewing experience
·       Interact with other fans
Ø        Personalise their football experience
Ø        Live Chat with friends, comment on the game
On Mobile
Football Frenzy ‘Live’
Football Frenzy Mobile
-          Match Highlights
-          MMS Goal Alerts
·          Goal Alerts and Match highlights
Ø        Receive Goal Alerts and Match Highlights as early as 7.30am
·          Access Football Frenzy 24/7 on Mobile
Football Frenzy Pack

Special Early Bird Offer (from 2 July – 16 August 2009)
·          Sign up now and ENJOY 2 MONTHS’ FREE SUBSCRIPTION!
·          Enjoy 4 MONTHS FREE SUBSCRIPTION with any new mio Home sign-up!
Price Plan
Replay Matches on Demand
$3 per match
Annual Ticket (12 months)
Single Match Ticket
-          ‘LIVE’ Matches
-          Replay Matches on-Demand
Team Pass(for Manchester United, Liverpool, Barcelona, Chelsea & Arsenal fans)
-          10% off your chosen Team’s matches
-          Receive exclusive football content
-          1st to be invited to special Football Frenzy events
-          1st to be informed of promotions and contests
$13 per month
$6 per match
$3 per match
One-time $20 registration fee
On Mobile

Football Frenzy ‘LIVE’
Football Frenzy Mobile
-          Match Highlights
-          MMS Goal Alerts
Match Highlights
$2.14 per month
$5.35 per month
$0.54 per clip

*Prices are inclusive of GST