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Singtel launches holistic communications solutions for enterprises

Complete end-to-end solutions for enterprises beyond products and services 

Singapore, 26 March 2007 -- Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singtel) today launches a holistic suite of solutions to help enterprises streamline communications needs and increase productivity.

The ‘360’ suite offers end-to-end solutions that aims to assist enterprises in each stage of the company’s growth. It represents a holistic approach to resolving business challenges beyond just products and services.

For the small and medium business segment, Singtel offers the Office360 and Enterprise360 solutions. Singtel Office360 solution serves the smaller businesses while Enterprise360 solution is a managed solution tailored to larger enterprises (with 50 to 250 employees). Enterprise360 solution was launched earlier this month in partnership with Cisco. 

Office360 Solution: Enjoy mobile, fixed-line and broadband convergence 

The Singtel Office360 solution, targeted at smaller businesses, is an integrated offering that provides SMBs with unlimited local calls[1], unlimited incoming and outgoing local mobile calls and free broadband access together with email and web hosting solutions. 

Packages start from $118 and can be fully customised to suit each business’ unique requirements. Customers can expect savings of up to 47 per cent.  

For example, under a $118 per month package in the Office360 bundle, solutions for customers comprise SingNet BizWeb[2] (10) with 512Kbps business broadband plan,   iOnePlus mobile plan[3], and BizVoice[4] fixed-line plan. Customers can enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Free 512Kbps broadband access (including email and webhosting and online storage)
  • Free incoming and outgoing local mobile calls for up to five nominated mobile numbers and one fixed-line number  
  • Free Wireless@SG Plus account
  • Unlimited BizVoice local calls 

Mr Wong Soon Nam, Singtel’s Vice President of Business Marketing, said: “As a leader in the highly competitive telecommunications market in Singapore, Singtel is redefining the SMB segment. We take a holistic or 360° view of resolving our customers’ business challenges and provide end-to-end solutions that are built around their needs. 

“This is part of our strategy of moving from being a service provider to a solutions provider. By innovating and bringing cost-competitive solutions to our customers, we hope to help them ride on the infocomm highway and optimise their business performance.” 

Those interested can call the SME hotline at 1800-SME-1111 (1800 763-1111) or visit the Business Counter at the hello! store at Comcentre for consultation.


[1] Subscribers can enjoy unlimited local calls and unlimited outgoing local mobile calls to six nominated numbers (5 mobile and one fixed-line). Users can also enjoy free calls at any Wireless@SG hotspot using WiFi-enabled handsets (such as Nokia E61 and N80IE).  

[2] BizWeb is a business broadband solution that includes Online Storage, Calendar and Contacts, email and web hosting. 

[3] iOnePlus mobile plan comes with free incoming local calls, 100 minutes local outgoing calls and 500 free SMS per month. 

[4] BizVoice is an office telephony system that is hosted at the Singtel telephone exchange. It requires no upfront capital investment.