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Singtel launches industry-leading software-based router and firewall service using Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) technology

Singapore, 9 May 2016 – Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singtel) today launched an industry-leading service in the Asia Pacific region which allows enterprises to replace their physical router and firewall hardware with software-based network applications for flexibility and cost efficiency. With the Singtel Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) service, enterprises can replicate their router and firewall hardware as software-based or virtualised services which are hosted in Singtel’s cloud.


By virtualising networking equipment through the Singtel NFV service, enterprises can reduce physical networking costs and deployment time on their premises. The new service also helps simplify network management as the virtualised routers and firewalls can be accessed and configured on-demand via a secure web portal.


“The Singtel NFV service caters to enterprises with little or lean IT support but which operate physically in many locations,” said Mr Lee Han Kheng, Vice President of Global Products, Group Enterprise at Singtel. “This software-based service helps customers minimise on-site set ups and support of IT equipment as network administration can be remotely accessed through a centralised portal.”


“This means customers have the flexibility to pay only for what they use, without worrying about the fixed costs of owning networking equipment which may be underused or become obsolete over time. Enterprises can also scale up their requirements dynamically as their business grow. Customers win in terms of cost efficiency and ability to scale their operations according to demand.” he added.


An initial customer for Singtel's NFV service was Sheng Siong Supermarket, one of Singapore's largest grocery retail chains. With each store housing an increasing variety of networking equipment, the firm needed a solution to manage their networking assets more cost-effectively.


“We are constantly improving the way we operate to serve our customers better. Through Singtel's NFV service, we replaced routing hardware from four different stores easily with one integrated, virtualised platform. We look forward to transforming more of our sites by centralising the management of our networking assets with Singtel’s NFV services,” said Mr Gary Pow Han Chin, Chief Information Officer of Sheng Siong.


Besides virtualised routing and firewall services, Singtel will roll-out other NFV services including unified threat management services to address cyber threats. The Singtel NFV service will be available with selected Singtel business broadband and Wide Area Network (WAN) service plans, and will be ready for global deployment in the near future.


The NFV service expands Singtel’s existing portfolio of next generation software-defined network (SDN) services following the launch of its ConnectPlus Software-Defined WAN service last year.  


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