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Singtel launches Mobile LIVECam

Easy-to-use camera provides more viewing angles



Customers simply dial in using their mobile phone for instant access 

Singapore, 12 October 2007 --Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singtel) today announced the launch of Mobile LIVECam, a simple-to-use, cutting edge and affordable home surveillance device.

Each camera comes equipped with a SIM card and users simply place it at their selected location. They can then dial in to the camera’s assigned number from wherever they are using their 3G mobile phone in order to view the images. A unique feature of the device is how it allows the user to remotely pan, tilt and zoom (up to three times) using the numeric keypad on their phone, enabling full control of the camera view.  Image brightness, volume, on-the-fly recording and even image inverting are also supported.  

“The Mobile LIVECam will appeal to anyone who likes to keep an eye on the things that are close to their hearts. Families with aged parents, babies or problematic pets found the LIVECam service we launched last year to be extremely useful. The simple setup and use for Mobile LIVECam promises to further enhance this experience and help even the most technologically-challenged among our customers to enjoy the benefits of this device,” said Ms Vicki Brady, Vice President of Consumer Marketing.

The 0.3 megapixels camera is compact and provides quality video streaming. It comes with a built-in microphone and 512 megabytes memory card for video recording.  The camera is battery-operated, allowing it to be truly portable. It requires no configuration or installation and is equipped with infra-red video capture to improve images in dark spaces and at night.

Mobile LIVECam operates on the 3G network, and is a standalone service available to all residential customers with an existing Singtel Mobile 3G account.

To sign up, customers either pay a one-time equipment fee of $353.10 (including GST) or through an installment plan of $13.91 per month (including GST) for 24 months.  Service subscription is $8.56 per month. Terms and conditions apply.

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