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Singtel launches MobileM@il

Open standard push email solution brings affordable mobile email to customers

Singapore, 12 September 2006 -- Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singtel) today announced the launch of a new push email solution targeted at its 1.2 million postpaid customers.

This new service, Singtel MobileM@il, offers customers an affordable and convenient alternative to other forms of push email service that use proprietary technology and handheld devices.  It is Java-based and supported by many of the newer mobile phones.  Currently, it can be used on more than 30 Nokia and Sony Ericsson handsets and will soon be compatible with mobile phones from other manufacturers such as LG, Motorola, Panasonic, Samsung as well as those on the Windows Mobile operating system.
MobileM@il service can be subscribed to at $1.99 per month but customers who sign up before 31 October 2006 will enjoy the first three months free.  Customers can choose between pay-per-use or Singtel’s existing Data3 price plans for their data usage.  The current pay-per-use rates are $0.0037 per kb (charged at 2kb blocks) for 3G access and $0.0053 per kb (charged at 2kb blocks) for GPRS access.  Data3 price plans start from $10.50 per month with $22.05 worth of bundled data.
“Singtel is very pleased to be able to offer this affordable push email to meet our customers’ diverse lifestyle needs,” said Ms Vicki Brady, Vice President of Consumer Marketing.  “The service offers much greater flexibility and accessibility, allowing us to bring mobile email to everyone - from small business owners to students who want to keep in touch via email on the go.”
Subscribers of MobileM@il can have their emails automatically ‘pushed’ from their SingNet accounts, other local ISPs’ email accounts, Yahoo Mail, as well as SingNet’s hosted email service for small to medium enterprises called BizWeb Solutions (BWS).  With Singtel’s extensive coverage of more than 200 networks, this means that users can access their emails almost instantaneously from anywhere and at any time, even while roaming overseas.
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