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Singtel launches satellite-based broadband network services to resort islands in the Indian Ocean

Singapore, 3 July 2006 – Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singtel) today announced that it has launched a satellite-based broadband network to the resort islands in the Maldives.

Singtel has partnered Focus InfoCom, a leading Internet Service Provider in the Maldives, to support its Raajje Online, an ‘always-on’ broadband Internet service.
The partnership allows Focus InfoCom to offer broadband Internet service to any of the 1,200 islands there.  Tourism is the biggest industry in the Maldives and new islands are being set aside for tourism.
Mr Titus Yong, Singtel’s Head of Satellite, said: “We are pleased to collaborate with Focus InfoCom in the Maldives.  The growth in the tourism industry is expected to drive the need for better communications and connectivity – within and outside the Maldives.
“Through harnessing the possibilities brought about by the convergence of satellite and IP (Internet Protocol) technologies, Singtel can now offer broadband Internet connectivity to literally anywhere in the world, including the most remote regions.”
Mr Sobah Rasheed, Focus InfoCom’s Managing Director, said: “We chose Singtel to be our main partner to roll out broadband Internet service via satellite IP because Singtel has exceeded our expectations in meeting our service levels and requirements.  Singtel is a formidable regional player and it has a good reputation for reliability.”
“With our partnership, I am confident that Focus InfoCom can now reach out to the untapped segment of Maldivians who have limited or no access to broadband Internet service.  We will also be able to meet the communications needs of the over 700,000 tourists who visit theMaldives,” Mr Rasheed said.
The partnership will also allow Focus InfoCom to meet the needs of businesses in the Maldivesthat require their networks to be highly secure and reliable as well as being scalable.