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Singtel launches TrafficLIVE, Asia’s first intelligent and reliable traffic planning guide

  • Patented traffic science technology analyses comprehensive real-time traffic information collected from multiple sources
  • Fastest and cheapest routes information, estimated travelling time and SMS alerts help customers save time and money for reliable trip planning
  • Accessible via all WAP supported handsets and iPhone


Singapore, 19 November 2009 – Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singtel) today announced the launch of TrafficLIVE, the first intelligent traffic planning guide that combines comprehensive traffic information and analysis with SMS alerts for reliable trip planning.
Innovative traffic science technology
Singtel mobile customers will be the first in Asia to enjoy one of the most reliable traffic data feed from TrafficLIVE’s platform, which collects data from multiple reliable sources such as the physical locations of Singtel’s extensive mobile cell network base and Land Transport Authority (LTA) traffic flow feeds. The information is analysed using advanced patented traffic science calculations, which correlates and evaluates traffic movements of mobile customers and LTA traffic flow. Data is refreshed every five minutes, resulting in high-quality real-time and historical information about traffic flows on most Singapore roads.
Ms Sarah Chua, Vice President of Consumer Marketing, Singtel said: “We are pleased to be the first in Asia to launch the one-stop intelligent TrafficLIVE service, which goes beyond being a basic road navigation service. Our comprehensive and accurate traffic data is derived from comprehensive feeds including the physical locations of our large mobile network base of 3 million customers. Coupled with traffic science analysis, customers will be assured of receiving real-time and relevant traffic information, whenever they want.”
Customers who are drivers or commuters can be informed and plan in advance which roads to take to avoid traffic congestion and reduce costs. The service is ideal for frequent commuters especially insurance agents, real estate agents, salespersons and drivers. Companies specialising in transportation, courier, logistics and F&B delivery services will also find this service useful.
“With nearly half a million private cars on the road and private car ownership increasing at an average rate of 5-6% YoY for the past three years1, TrafficLIVE’s intelligent features will appeal to Singapore’s growing number of drivers and commuters who are constantly on the go, allowing them to determine the best driving route to save vital time and money,” added Ms Chua.
Benefits of TrafficLIVE

1.    Customers can check the traffic conditions such as traffic congestion, road blocks and roadworks on most roads, in addition to major expressways from any WAP supported handset. This allows them to avoid these roads and plan their routes effectively.
2.    TrafficLIVE allows customers to check the fastest route available and estimated time of arrival, based on real-time traffic data. They can also calculate the cheapest route with information on Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) and timings.
3.    Customers can pre-configure up to five commonly used routes (e.g. home to work) and choose to receive SMS alerts2 on these routes at a specific timing of their choice, offering more effective pre-trip planning. They can also view free information of location-based places of interest (POIs) through *GUIDE such as carpark rates, ERP gantries, petrol stations, ATMs, credit card privileges and F&B outlets.
Ms Chua added: “As the service is supported on all WAP supported handsets, customers can use the service on their preferred handset and not worry about the hassle of purchasing a new and unfamiliar handset. With TrafficLIVE’s real-time information, it will complement customers’ existing handsets that only have mapping or navigations software, creating a powerful traffic-planning solution for customers.”
Singtel plans to enhance the service with live traffic photos, integration with map visuals and other map applications by June 2010. Singtel is collaborating with ITIS Holdings for the patented traffic science technology and Quantum Inventions to offer TrafficLIVE.
Availability and exclusive launch promotions, including free use of a Porsche 911
The service is available on all WAP-supported handsets and iPhone, with data charges waived for this service. The service will be available from Friday, 20 November 2009. Customers who are using a WAP-supported handset can simply dial *GUIDE (*48433) to access TrafficLIVE either on a pay-per-use (21 cents per request) or monthly basis ($3.21 per month). iPhone customers can access the service on the IDEAS portal.  
All customers can also view the latest information on major traffic incidents for free through TrafficLIVE.
As part of the exclusive launch promotions, customers who buy selected handsets and sign up for the service from 20 – 29 November 2009 will receive the service free for six months.
From 20 November – 13 December 2009, customers who subscribe to TrafficLIVE stand to win the Grand Prize - free use of a Porsche 911 for two weeks.
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