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Singtel offers new SIM card that stores 1,000 phone contact

  • Singapore’s first large-capacity SIM card
  • More affordable SIM1000 stores up to four times the number of phone  contacts
  • Hassle-free experience of transferring information from phone to phone       
Singapore, 13 January 2006 – Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singtel) today announced the launch of a new 3G SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card that allows customers to store up to 1,000 phone contacts.

Most new phone models today can store up to 500 contacts.  But a typical SIM card with 64 kilobytes of memory can store up to 250 phone contacts only.

Singtel 3G customers will be the first in Singapore to enjoy the SIM1000 with 128 kilobytes of memory.  This SIM card enables customers a larger phonebook option that can store up to 1,000 first-number contacts, 1,000 second-number contacts and 250 email entries.

Mr Loo Boon Chee, Singtel’s Director (Product Marketing), said: “These days, people hardly remember phone numbers.  They just reach for their mobile phone, look up the contact and dial.
“With more customers storing not just the contact details of their friends and business associates, but their favourite restaurants, hair stylists and doctors for example, we are seeing more requests for additional memory.

“With SIM1000, our 3G customers can now store up to four times the number of phone contacts, and at a lower price for the card itself.  This is in line with our aim to bring more value to our customers through innovative products and services.”

He added: “Our SIM1000 is also ideal for customers who change their phones often.  They will find it very convenient to transfer information from phone to phone.  No more hassle of keying in the phone numbers.”
Current 3G phone models that support the SIM1000 include the Nokia N70, N90, N6630, N6680 and Motorola E1000[1].  Most manufacturers are expected to support the larger-capacity SIM card in their newer models.
Additional benefits
The SIM1000 includes additional features such as easy retrieval of the latest financial and sports news, downloads and leisure information.
Customers will also find it easier to enjoy savings on their roaming calls as Singtel’s Local Direct Dial

[2] and GlobalDial *121 numbers are pre-configured in the SIM card.


Customers will enjoy the benefits that Singtel 3G offers with the new SIM card.  These include the lowest outgoing local video call charge in town from 10 cents per minute, 3G data charge at $3.50 per megabyte at data speeds of up to 350kbps, and the most extensive 3G roaming coverage to more than 20 destinations including Japan and Korea[3].
Singtel 3G customers can upgrade to the SIM1000 at a cost of $18.90 (with GST).  
[1] The Motorola E1000 supports up to 500 entries only.
[2] Local Direct Dial enables calls made between local Singtel mobile customers and inbound roamers on the Singtel mobile network to be contained with the local Singtel network. Both parties thus enjoy cost savings. 
[3] Singtel 3G customers can also enjoy roaming to more than 365 2G networks worldwide