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Singtel partners IBM to introduce Managed Security Services

One-stop service to fulfil security needs of enterprise customers

Singapore, 5 July 2007 --Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singtel) and IBM have formed a strategic collaboration to introduce Managed Security Services (MSS) as a solution to help enterprises fulfil their security needs in a cost-effective manner. 

Singtel, Asia’s leading communications group, has a proven track record in the

info-communications industry while IBM, the computing giant, is recognised as a leading managed security service provider. This alliance brings together the complementary strengths of these two market leaders and customers can now adopt best-of-breed solutions with one-stop convenience.  

Customers can select a managed security service that suits their business requirements. Singtel offers the MSS@Site service which allows customers to install the security equipment at their premises, giving them benefits of a customised solution. 

Alternatively, customers may opt for the ‘MSS in the Cloud’ service which provides a quick and easy deployment of a professionally managed security solution. The infrastructure is hosted with and taken care of by Singtel. Customers can focus on their core business while relying on Singtel to continuously keep the security infrastructure current. Furthermore, ‘MSS in the Cloud’ is fully scalable with customers’ business growth and there is no need for additional investments in hardware, operations or maintenance.

‘MSS in the Cloud’ will be delivered over Singtel’s IP-VPN network.  With IP-VPN, customers can enjoy the benefits of convergence where their voice, video and data traffic can be carried over the same network. Customers can also expect significant cost savings when setting up a multi-site network in Singapore.

Ms Chan Yim Leng, Singtel's Vice President of Business Products, said: “Singtel Managed Security Services allow customers access to carrier grade security infrastructure managed by a team of professionals. Customers can be assured that their network is protected from threats while enjoying a lower total cost of ownership.”

Mr Francis Fong, General Manager, IBM Global Technology Services, Singapore, said: “Companies recognise that rapidly evolving security threats and complex regulatory requirements have turned security into a mission-critical priority.  This collaboration with Singtel on Managed Security Services will provide critical network security and help clients of all sizes preemptively stay ahead of targeted security threats or attacks.”

Singtel’s MSS solution is suitable for customers who do not wish to bear high upfront investments in IT security infrastructure and prefer a one-stop service provider to manage their security infrastructure and policies. With MSS, customers can expect savings of up to 50 per cent on total cost of ownership, as compared to an in-house deployed security solution. 

Singtel and IBM will ensure that security updates are continually applied.  Customers can also subscribe to an Incident Management Service, where their network will be monitored from a Security Operations Centre (SOC) and proactive measures taken if a security threat is identified.

Ms Chan added: “We are always enhancing our suite of Singtel Managed Services which includes Enterprise360, Managed IP-PBX, Traffic Optimisation and Profiling Service (TOPs), eSurveillance, and Remote LAN monitoring. Managed Security Services is the latest addition. Our customers are increasingly looking for end-to-end managed solutions that offer one-stop convenience and peace of mind, and that is exactly what Singtel can offer."



Managed IP PBX
Singtel Managed IP PBX is a managed IP solution that enables enterprises to enjoy innovative IP-based unified communications applications with the option of not incurring high upfront and maintenance costs. A scalable solution, it offers an attractive utility-based option as well as other options to meet the varying current and future needs of the enterprise.

Singtel Enterprise360, targeted at medium-sized enterprises, is a fully managed telephony, data, Internet and security service that significantly reduces the risks and complexities that enterprises face in implementing and maintaining a robust communications network.

The first of its kind in Singapore, the comprehensive solution comprises hardware, connectivity and managed services and brings together all of a business’ communications needs in an integrated offering.

Traffic Optimisation and Profiling Service (TOPs)
SingTel TOPs is a reliably proven alternative to help customers manage their existing bandwidth. Besides offering visibility on which applications are in use, it also shows the customer who uses them and how much of the network’s resources they consume so that the customer will be able to isolate and solve performance issues.

Singtel eSurveillance is a managed digital video surveillance service that integrates and works seamlessly with a broadband/IP connection. An end-to-end service, eSurveillance lets customers store and retrieve video footage from a centrally hosted video library. 

Remote LAN Monitoring

Singtel Remote LAN Service (RLAN) is a pro-active performance monitoring solution designed to provide customers with in-depth visibility on equipment deployed within customer’s LAN segment.