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Singtel receives highest accolade at the Community Chest Awards 2020

Singapore, 11 December 2020 – Singtel has received the Pinnacle Award, the highest accolade at the Community Chest Awards 2020, in recognition of its support of the sustainable progress, development and inclusion of vulnerable groups in society. Singtel was also presented with the Volunteer Partner, Charity Platinum and Community Spirit Platinum awards for its strong corporate volunteerism culture, corporate philanthropy, and community efforts since the COVID-19 outbreak. 

“Singtel is honoured to be recognised for our support of the vulnerable in society. As a technology company, our ethos of giving has always been premised on advancing their well-being and progress by empowering them with digital access, digital literacy and digital inclusion,” said Ms Chua Sock Koong, Singtel’s Group CEO. “Our three-decade long partnership with Community Chest has allowed us to develop our sustainability strategies over the longer term, to not just introduce positive changes, but ultimately track, improve and make these changes endure. We hope to deepen our existing initiatives with Community Chest and widen our reach to more people in need.”

This is the second time that Singtel has won the Pinnacle Award since 2012. Singtel leverages corporate and workplace giving, staff volunteering and its extensive digital capabilities to drive positive and sustainable change for disadvantaged groups in its communities, particularly persons with disabilities and children and youth with special needs. Through its flagship corporate philanthropy programme, the Singtel Touching Lives Fund, Singtel has raised over S$45 million since 2002 to help these vulnerable groups gain the knowledge and life skills needed to lead engaged, meaningful lives. This support extends to improving their employability through the Singtel Enabling Innovation Centre which provides contact centre skills and customised ICT training with the help of assistive technologies. Singtel also co-chairs the Singapore Business Network on Disability which advances the inclusion of persons with disabilities by sharing expertise, experiences and resources in the business community.

In the area of staff volunteerism, Singtel encourages employees to volunteer their time through initiatives such as the annual Singtel Carnival, Singapore’s largest event dedicated to children with special needs. Employees also provide skilled volunteering in the form of mentorship to interns with disabilities and start-ups under Singtel Future Makers, its regional accelerator programme to support start-ups that are using technology to address social and environmental issues. In addition, Singtel volunteers have been holding digital clinics and one-to-one tutorials for seniors at Senior Activity Centres islandwide to help them learn basic digital skills and plug in online. 

“Over the years, we have encouraged our employees to get involved in the programmes we support, actively volunteering in large numbers to give back to the community. This helps develop their empathy and understanding of the challenges faced by the communities we support, and at the same time fosters greater inclusion as they equip seniors and persons with disabilities with useful digital skills that help them go about their daily lives in an increasingly digital society,” said Ms Chua.

With COVID-19 disrupting many lives and livelihoods this year, Singtel was recognised by the Community Chest for its contributions to COVID-19 related causes. Its staff and directors, raised S$2 million to support communities impacted by the pandemic, channelling donations to 18 charities and social enterprises through Community Chest, The Courage Fund and various healthcare groups. This was followed by a S$3 million initiative as a second community care package to foster digital inclusion and close the digital gaps that have become pronounced since the onset of the pandemic.

The annual Community Chest Awards honour organisations and individuals in Singapore who have made outstanding contributions to the social service sector to care for the less fortunate within the community.