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Singtel to revolutionise home entertainment with the launch of mio TV

  • Most flexible digital pay TV service in Singapore
  • The latest movies, first on TV
  • Biggest HD content suite in Singapore
  • Brings choice and value to the market

Singapore, 20 July 2007 -- Singapore Telecommunications Limited, (Singtel) today announced the launch of its much-anticipated pay TV service.  Named mio TV, the offering will revolutionise the way Singapore watches TV.  Unlike other services which require customers to be tied to programme schedules and rigid basic tier packages, mio TV allows subscribers full flexibility to watch what they want, when they want.

“The next generation of television watching has arrived,” said Mr Allen Lew, CEO Singapore.  “Customers have been calling for choice and flexibility in the pay TV market and now they have it.”

It’s like having the convenience of a digital video store in your home!

mio TV boasts several ‘world firsts’ with its content partner tie-ups and will have the largest range of Video on Demand titles on any Singaporean television platform.  Featuring blockbuster movies from major Hollywood movie studios including Sony Pictures Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox and Disney, mio TV brings TV entertainment to the next level.  mio TV allows customers to search for content by genre, by title or by actor’s name.  Viewers simply click on the title and the movie starts playing immediately.

Said Mr Allen Lew, “Singaporeans lead extremely hectic lifestyles.  Our customers tell us that they are often disappointed with linear movie channels because their lifestyles sometimes do not allow them to get home in time for their favourite movies.  By allowing customers to be able to click and play their movies anytime, mio TV ensures that will never have to happen again”.

In addition, Singtel has successfully inked an unprecedented output deal with Sony Pictures Television International that brings viewers Sony’s upcoming slate of feature films at the same time as the DVD release and before they are seen anywhere else on TV. The deal also includes key titles from Sony’s extensive catalogue of feature films.

Singapore’s largest suite of HD content

High Definition (HD) fans will no doubt be wowed by mio TV’s extensive range of HD content, ranging from blockbuster movies to high quality channels from our partner Mega Media, one of Asia’s largest HD companies.  Partnering with VOOM HD Networks, the channels will include an exciting line-up of HD programming selected from VOOM’s 15 HD channels and the first made-in-Singapore HD channel - Sling HD.  Viewers can look forward to HD content that includes documentaries, travel, music, arts, fashion and lifestyle programmes, among others.  VOOM is the largest producer of HD content in the world. 

In addition to MediaCorp's suite of free-to-air channels (Channels 5, 8, U, Channel Newsasia, Suria and Central), MediaCorp's much anticipated HD5 will also be available on mio TV.  This will be the first free-to-air HD channel in Singapore which subscribers with HD-ready displays can enjoy, as all mio TV Set-Top Boxes are HD-ready at no extra cost.  Singapore is among the world's first to have a free-to-air HD channel carried on an IPTV platform.  

Other first-in-the-world content on mio TV

Singaporeans will be thrilled to be the first in the world to receive two brand new BBC channels.  Making its global debut, BBC Knowledge will feature amazing documentaries and reality programmes that have never before been seen in Asia.  BBC Lifestyle will also bring a wide range of exciting content ranging from food and health to fashion and design.  To complete the suite of high quality entertainment to the family, BBC is also launching CBeebies - UK’s number one kids channel - on mio TV.

Hong Kong movie buffs will love the Mei Ah TV channel, Singapore’s first Cantonese movie channel that features Cantonese-only content between noon and midnight.  Selected movies will premier simultaneously on mio TV and Hong Kong cinema screens - another ‘world first’ for mio TV subscribers!

mio TV drives innovation, value and flexibility to the next level

mio TV’s a la carte price plans allow customers to pay only for what they want to watch.  No longer do customers have to contend with restrictive basic tier subscription packages.

mio TV will be among the first in the world to introduce on-demand channels to the Singapore market.  This option allows viewers to choose from up to 25 selected movies for unlimited viewing for only $12 per month.  This means movies, anytime, for as low as 50 cents each.  There will be a variety of on demand channels to suit different tastes.

All mio TV customers will also be pleased to receive one free on demand ‘movie-of-the month’ - every single month.  Starting 1 September 2007, anyone with a mio TV Set-Top Box will be able to access this movie whenever they want, as many times as they want.

Any television viewer can relate to the frustration of missing their favourite programme because they were delayed coming home or forgot to programme the recorder.  Subscribers who opt for the Set-Top Box with recording function can pause, rewind and record live TV programmes so that they no longer have to miss anything.  The mio TV website allows subscribers to programme their recordings even when they are not at home, and an upcoming service that will enable them to do it via their mobile phones.

“This is the future of television - a world where viewers are able to control their own instant replays, pause the ‘live’ news to get a drink and command their Set-Top Box to record a programme even when they’re out for dinner,” Mr Lew said.  The mio TV Set-Top Box allows one channel to be recorded while watching another and has a capacity of 80 hours of recording.

mio TV will continue to revolutionise the TV experience at home

The interactive and flexible mio TV platform will open up even more opportunities for innovative services in the future.  Subscribers will have much to look forward to, including the possibility of communicating using video conferencing and instant messaging, displaying photos and playing music from their PCs, all on the TV set.

Singtel will continue to invest in the development of innovative content and services for mio TV subscribers in Singapore. 

Such content will engage consumers on multiple levels, for example, watching it on TV, blogging on PC, and interactive voting on mobile.  This will definitely appeal to the engaged youths of today, who are already spreading their free time over all these multiple entertainment devices.

Said Dr Christopher Chia, Chief Executive Officer, the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA): “We believe the launch of mioTV will open up more channels for interactive content creation and media services, benefiting both consumers and industry with greater choice and content flexibility."

Singtel's mio TV platform will set a new paradigm in content distribution by providing international and local content providers with an excellent opportunity to reach households in Singapore effectively and efficiently.

A Few Words From Our Esteemed Content Partners

“ATV is excited to play a significant role as a content provider in Singtel’s mio TV service. With mio TV’s diverse content offerings and highly user-friendly interface, customers have access to brilliant Chinese TV series and infotainment programs produced by Asia Television Limited at their fingertips. We will be actively looking for further collaborations with Singtel in the near future.”

Mr Dewy Ip
Executive Vice President, Asia Television Limited

 "BBC Global Channels is delighted to partner with Singtel on its revolutionary and innovative mio TV platform.  We're thrilled to bring the breadth of the BBC's superlative programming to Singapore with the launch of BBC Knowledge, BBC Lifestyle and CBeebies on mio TV.   With some of the best factual, lifestyle and pre-school programming in the world, these channels will further showcase the BBC's unique heritage of excellence in programming." 

Ms Christine Leo-McKerrow
 Senior Vice President, BBC Global Channels

“CCTV-4 and CCTV-9 are envoys promoting Chinese civilization. The two channels that we are launching here are currently the best in their category in China.  They are windows portraying the development of modern China as well as the vitality of Chinese people to the audience of Singapore.”

Mr Li Jian
President, China International Television Corporation

 “We’re pleased to be working with Singtel to offer Singapore consumers the latest Hollywood blockbusters whenever they want it through our first Disney branded movie VOD channel on the newly launched mio TV service. This agreement is a reflection of our commitment to continuously look for innovative and flexible ways to let people experience our content legitimately.”  

Mr Greg Johnson

Vice President of Sales, Disney-ABC International Television (Asia Pacific)

“Yoyo TV is the first Mandarin-language kids channel to be launched in Singapore.  It is Taiwan’s number 1 kids channel. We are very happy to work with Singtel to launch ETTV Yoyo channel and ETTV-Asia news channel.  Congratulations to Singtel on your launch.”

Mr David Chang Chairman, ETTV

“Formosa TV is happy to work with Singtel on mio TV VOD. Formosa TV believes that based on Singtel's influence and power, Singtel will be able to bring the media industry into a new high and advance onto the world stage. We take this chance to wish Singtel's mio TV huge success.”

Mr Kang-Hsing Chen
CEO and President. Formosa TV

“With a top slate of films over the past several years, we've had some great results with our VOD partners around the world and we are excited to build on that success with Singtel's mio TV.”  

Mr Jamie McCabe
Executive Vice President, Worldwide PPV, VOD & EST, Twentieth Century Fox.

“Congratulations to Singtel on the launch of mio TV. We're proud to have mio TV as the launch platform of our first Jetix subscription Video on Demand service. Kids can now enjoy Jetix shows that are 100% pure action, cheeky humour and heroic adventures. We look forward to working with Singtel to deliver a unique service to kids in Singapore.”   

Ms Laura E. Wendt
Vice President & Managing Director, Walt Disney Television International (Southeast Asia)

“First of all, I’d like to congratulate Singtel on your IPTV launch with the innovative and attractive features. Considering the technological superiority, marketing resources and strong sales network of Singtel, I am assured that mio TV will come up with the most successful IPTV business model in the globe soon. Also, I am very honoured that KBS World channel would be part of mio TV channel line-up and hopefully the partnership between Singtel and KBS will become more solid.”  

Ms Choi Chun-Ai

Managing Director, KBS

Mega Media is proud to partner with Singtel’s mio TV to offer the largest and most exciting High Definition channel slate in Singapore.  We are one of the leading HD producers in the region and mio TV is the perfect platform for high definition. We believe that Singaporeans are in for a true HD experience.”  

Mr Jonathan Foo

Managing Director, Mega Media Pte Ltd

“It is my pleasure to have the opportunity to launch the first-ever Cantonese and Mandarin movies channel in Singapore - Mei Ah Movies Channel - on mio TV. Besides our existing 700 movie titles in our library, we also acquire the latest Asian mega movies and plan to produce another 100 movies within the next five years. Our target is to bring the best content to Singapore audiences in the fastest time.  Mei Ah will cooperate with Singtel to launch Mobile Channel and On Demand Movie channel as well.  Our next step is to develop HD TV programmes and movies.”  

Mr Li Kuo Hsing

Chairman, Mei Ah TV Ltd

“Shanghai Media Group (SMG) is always seeking outstanding overseas partners to promote its wide-ranging Chinese content to the Chinese community.  This partnership with Singtel is an important step for us in the new media world.  It also increases the choice of programmes for Singtel customers.  We hope that through combined resources of both parties, we will be able jointly spur the development of IPTV and 3G TV.”   

Mr Zhang Da Zhong

Vice President, Shanghai Media Group

MediaCorp is pleased to be a strategic partner of Singtel's mio TV. With mio TV, subscribers will be able to access all of MediaCorp's free-to-air channels including HD 5 - which is among the world's first for an HD channel to be carried on an IPTV platform.  Besides, subscribers of our MOBTV Select can watch some drama series prior to their telecast on free-to-air broadcast.  We are very happy that our viewers now have another avenue to access MediaCorp content via mio TV. Congratulations on your launch, mio TV! 

Mr Chang Long Jong

Deputy CEO (Television), MediaCorp

“Sony Entertainment Television is a brand new English entertainment channel that we are bringing to Asia, and I am extremely delighted that we are launching it first in Singapore, on Singtel's mio TV platform.  

Exciting times are ahead not only for us, but also for the increasing group of smart, sophisticated, successful women out there who have been looking for a channel that they can finally call their own - with highly engaging, intelligent and sexy programming.  

We have not forgotten the movie fans as well.  Whether they are blockbuster and all-time popular movie fans or non-stop action seekers, they will be spoilt for choice with PIX and PIX THRILLER, our latest introduction in video-on-demand channels.   

A big toast to Singtel, cheers to mio TV!”

Mr Ricky Ow
General Manager, SPE Networks - Asia

“We are honoured to partner with Singtel on one of the most unique aspects of mio TV, the offering of our current and upcoming movies - on demand - on the same day as the local home video release.  And this is just the beginning.  We look forward to a successful marriage of creativity, content, and technology that will provide Singtel's customers with the best integrated suite of communication and entertainment services over its quality network.”  

Mr Ross Pollack

Senior Vice President, Distribution (Asia), Sony Pictures Television International

"Congratulations to Singtel on the launch of mio TV! VOOM is honoured that Singtel is the first in Asia to be carrying a suite of our high-definition channels. VOOM is committed to providing mio TV viewers with the best in high-definition entertainment for many years to come. Congratulations to our partners at Singtel!"

Mr Greg Moyer

General Manager, VOOM HD Networks

“We take great pleasure in announcing the launch of Zee & Zee Muzic on mio TV. This is the first time ever that a Hindi 24-Hr music channel is launched in Singapore. We are committed to the partnership with Singtel and bringing the best in TV entertainment to consumers in Singapore.” 

Mr Mukund Cairae

Head, Asia Pacific, Zee TV



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