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Singtel tops inaugural Singapore Board Diversity Index

Singapore, 16 September 2020 Singtel has topped the inaugural Singapore Board Diversity Index launched by the Singapore Institute of Directors and Willis Towers Watson today.

The Singapore Board Diversity Index ranked Singtel the best performing company based on a total of 704 SGX-listed companies. It recognises Singtel’s commitment to ensuring a diversity of representation on the Singtel board, such as skills, experience, background, gender, ethnicity as well as broad professional expertise across industries. Singtel’s board diversity policy considers these factors essential to the global and diverse nature of the Group’s business and its evolving needs. Women make up more than 40% of Singtel’s board and Singtel’s board composition also includes broad expertise in areas such as technology, finance, legal as well as cross-border business and management.  

Singtel Chairman Mr Lee Theng Kiat said, “We believe a diverse board is critical to good corporate governance and strategic oversight and are honoured that the Singapore Board Diversity Index has recognised Singtel’s commitment. Given today’s fast-changing economic, business and technology landscape, the breadth of perspective, expertise and backgrounds on the Board allows us to better identify and evaluate significant opportunities and risks, resulting in better decision-making and outcomes. We constantly seek to ensure that our Board reflects the society that we operate in to best represent our stakeholders, creating an environment that allows for issues to be objectively addressed.”

The Board Diversity Index ranks primary-listed companies on the Singapore Exchange in eight areas, such as gender, age, tenure, board independence, cultural ethnicity, international experience, domain expertise and industry knowledge, on the diversity on their corporate boards.