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Singtel wins board diversity award for the fourth time at 16th SIAS Investors’ Choice Awards 2015

Singapore, 16 October 2015 – Singtel won the prestigious Board Diversity Award at the 16th SIAS Investors’ Choice Awards 2015 held this evening. Singtel was also inducted into the Hall of Fame for the Internal Audit Excellence Award.

The Board Diversity Award recognises Singtel’s efforts in promoting diversity of its board of directors – its makeup by experience, gender, nationality and independence of directors. Singtel’s nine-member board comprises three women and six independent directors. The Singtel Board also has diverse expertise in areas such as accounting and finance, cross-border business and management, legal, and industry knowledge.

Ms Chua Sock Koong, Singtel’s Group CEO said: “We are honoured to be recognised by SIAS for our commitment to good corporate governance. The diversity on the Singtel Board creates an environment for robust discussions and better-informed decisions. This is especially important for a rapidly evolving industry like ours, where innovative thinking is key to the long-term success of the company.”

Mr Chor Khee Yang, Singtel’s Group Chief Internal Auditor, said: “We are pleased to be inducted into the Internal Audit Excellence Award Hall of Fame. This gives recognition to Singtel’s commitment to good corporate governance, and in this instance, by putting in place an effective internal audit function and process.”