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Singtel’s Christmas film surpasses 11 million views on social media

Singapore, 28 December, 2018 – Singtel’s festive short film “Grace’s White Christmas” has gone viral in the past month, chalking up more than 11 million views on Facebook and YouTube combined since its release on 22 November. The views stem from audiences from Singapore as well as countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand.

The film is about a chance encounter between 7-year-old Grace, who wants a puppy and a white Christmas, and a struggling musician who busks for a living. As a new day dawns, the busker reluctantly puts on his Santa costume, picks up his dog and guitar, and sets out for the day. Grace, who is neglected by her parents and left in the care of a domestic helper, spots Santa and his dog as they walk past a supermarket and decides to follow them. In her innocence, Grace believes Santa will turn her wishes into reality and tells him so. Initially annoyed with her presence as he busks to make ends meet, the musician comes to accept her playing with his dog. At a turning point in their encounter, Grace reveals a profound loneliness that deeply resonates with the busker, prompting him to gift Grace his beloved furry companion. The film ends with a magical scene where Grace’s wishes come true while the musician finds his spirits lifted by her joy and innocence.

“We are heartened by the response to our film in the past month,” said Ms Lian Pek, Singtel’s Vice President of Group Strategic Communications and Brand. “How a down and out musician discovers that he is richer in spirit and has more to offer than he thinks seems to have struck a strong chord. The social metrics tell us once again that our customers and audiences want more emotion and meaning and less selling to. They appreciate what we stand for as a brand.”  

The film is an extension of Singtel’s branded content strategy where its festive commercials have had customers hooked on its seasonal tales of joy. Singtel’s previous Christmas campaign “Ah Ma’s Christmas” went viral with some 5.8 million Facebook views and almost half a million YouTube hits. Similarly, Singtel’s Chinese New Year offering “Mr Lim’s Reunion Dinner” saw 9.4 million views on Facebook and 1.2 million views on YouTube.

Conceptualised and produced in-house in collaboration with Akanga Film Asia, the film will air on Singtel TV and various social media channels until 31 December.