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Socialgiver and OTTO win 2nd Singtel Group-Samsung Regional Mobile App Challenge

Winners gain opportunity to access to over half a billion mobile customers across Singtel’s Group footprint 

Indonesia, 8 December 2015 – Chosen from over 700 submissions from Africa, Australia, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand, Socialgiver was named the grand winner of the 2nd Singtel Group-Samsung Regional Mobile App Challenge. In addition, OTTO was recognised as the Samsung Innovation Award winner.   

The grand Singtel Group-Samsung winner, Socialgiver from Thailand caught the attention of the judges with its platform to connect consumers, businesses and charities to create meaningful social impact. Socialgiver offers consumers special rates from businesses that have excess capacity such as hotel with extra rooms or restaurants with extra dining spots. Part of the money earned is then donated to charity, while ensuring the business receives tax rebates.                                                                                                                                  

The Samsung Innovation Award winner, OTTO from Australia, was chosen by Samsung as it demonstrated the greatest level of synergy with Samsung’s product portfolio.                                                                                                    

Both teams will have the opportunity to work with the Singtel Group and Samsung to market their apps to Singtel Group’s footprint of over half a billion mobile customers across Asia, Australia and Africa. They will also enjoy prime product placement on Samsung content and services platforms. 

“As income levels rise in the emerging markets and smartphones become ever more affordable, what was once a luxury good is now fast-becoming a basic necessity. The right mobile apps now have the power to create new economies and improve people’s lives by helping them save time, energy and money,” said Mr Mark Chong, Singtel’s CEO International. “The Singtel Group-Samsung Regional Mobile App Challenge is a platform to encourage talented app developers to grow their companies and bring their innovations to market more quickly. At the same time, we seek to help our customers gain access to a larger variety of apps – whether it is to automate their homes or manage their lifestyles.” 

“At Samsung, we strive to enrich people’s lives through intuitive mobile devices and seamless user experiences with rich and meaningful content and services,” said Mr Yong Sung Jeon, President & CEO, Samsung Electronics South East Asia & Oceania.  “Through the Singtel Group-Samsung Regional Mobile App Challenge, we hope to attract and identify the most talented developers, and help accelerate their development to roll out great content and services that can enhance consumers’ lifestyles, enabling truly connected living for everyone, everywhere.” 

Jointly organised by the Singtel Group and Samsung, the challenge started in May 2015 with local competitions in Africa (Congo-Brazzaville, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ghana, Madagascar and Niger), Australia, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand, where two finalists per region were chosen. These teams attended a two-day mentorship programme in Singapore in October and represented their countries in the final pitching session today, held at Jakarta’s Fairmont Hotel.  

Judges include industry leaders such as Mr William Tanuwijaya, Co-founder & CEO of Tokopedia, as well as senior representatives from the Singtel Group and Samsung.  

For more details on the finalists, please refer to the appendix.  

(left to right) Mr Nicholas Wodtke (VP, Content Services, Samsung Asia), Mr Yoo Young Kim (SVP Country President, Samsung Indonesia),  Mr Alex Kain (OTTO, Winner of the Samsung Innovation Award) and Mr Allen Lew (CEO, Optus, Australia)

(left to right) Mr Somchai Lertsutiwong (CEO,AIS, Thailand), Mr Arch Wongchindawest and Ms Aliza Napartivaumnuay (Socialgiver, Grand Winner of 2015 Singtel-Samsung Regional Mobile App Challenge), Ms Chua Sock Koong (Group CEO, Singtel), Mr Edgar Hardless (CEO, Singtel Innov8)

Singtel Group Operator CEOs and Senior Management with the 2015 Singtel Group-Samsung Regional Mobile App Challenge finalists






Finalists of the Singtel Group-Samsung Regional Mobile App Challenge


Operator / Region








(from Ghana)

eCoach is an app that helps students to prepare for examinations by providing them relevant content for practice.





(from Madagascar)

Companion is an app that allows customers to check data usage, purchase operator services (airtime, product packages) and locate nearby operator retail outlets. 






PHSS is an app that provides drivers with traffic information, vital vehicle information such as tyre pressure, emergency hotlines and vehicle documentation. 


Super Receptionist


Super Receptionist is a cloud-based business communication and customer relationship management app for small and medium businesses. 








FlowAccount is an easy-to-use cloud accounting software and app, designed for small business owners. 






Socialgiver offers consumers special rates from top brands, including hotels and restaurants that have excess capacity (rooms, food and so on) across Thailand. Part of the money paid goes to charity and the brand offering the product gets tax rebates or relief. 








IOTA is a software kit that helps students to build their own smart devices, and earn revenue from data generated by these devices, through a big data marketplace. 




Joomajam is an easy-to-use educational activity pack for parents with young children. It combines bilingual music, videos and games for progressive learning. 








MyMic is a mobile app that turns a conference participant’s smartphone into a personal wireless microphone. 








OTTO is an always-listening, voice-controlled mobile app that enables drivers to safely and intuitively manage calls, texts and more without taking their hands off the wheel or their eyes off the road. 






Ambi Climate


Ambi Climate uses artificial intelligence techniques to learn how a user’s thermal comfort is impacted by factors such as temperature, humidity and outdoor weather. It then intelligently controls air conditioner settings for better comfort and up to 30% energy savings. 






AirFrov is a peer-to-peer platform that enables users to get in touch with travelers to bring home overseas products on their behalf. 








GOERS is a mobile-only app that curates comprehensive information about events and activities in town, coupled with a ticket reservation feature. 






Modegi enables a user to remotely control any electronic appliance anytime and anywhere via smartphone.