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Teams from Singapore and Indonesia emerge winners for Season 1 of Singtel's PVP Esports Community Championships 2020

Singapore, 15 September 2020 – The grand finals of Singtel’s 2020 regional PVP Esports Community Championships (Season 1) saw teams from Singapore and Indonesia sweep the champion titles in the corporate and campus categories. Singapore teams DeloitteOne (Deloitte) and TurretHeist (DBS) took the top regional spots in the Corporate Championship for Dota 2 and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang respectively, while HZL Legion (RM Djamiah Putra) from Indonesia snagged the crown in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG): Mobile. Pigeon and Friends (ITE Central) from Singapore emerged victorious in the Campus Championship. Each winning team walked away with over S$5,000 in cash and prizes.

The grand finals held over the weekend of 5-6 September were organised as a fully online event in view of the COVID-19 pandemic, with teams from the respective countries competing remotely from their homes. The PVP Esports Community Championships (Season 1) attracted over 1,300 teams from Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand, which battled it out in Dota 2, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and PUBG Mobile for a combined prize pool valued at over S$70,000.

Cindy Tan, Head of Business & Marketing, Singtel’s International Group said: “During this period of COVID-19 and social distancing measures, the virtual world of esports and gaming has continued to thrive, bridging physical distances and offering a welcome form of entertainment when many of us might be housebound. We're pleased that the PVP Esports Community Championships have provided a platform to connect colleagues and schoolmates even in these unprecedented times, uniting them over their shared passion for gaming. With 5G on the horizon, digital entertainment offerings like esports will enable us to deliver even great experiences to our customers in the future. As Season 2 approaches, we look forward to more exciting esports action with new game Valorant and adding Brunei and Myanmar to our regional tournament. Congratulations once again to the Season 1 winners!”

Team captain from Campus champions Pigeon & Friends, Lim ‘Exodus’ Chin Wei added, “This is the second time we are participating in the PVP Esports Campus Championship, and it has been an enriching experience for us to grow and improve when we compete. Winning the regional trophy for Singapore on the biggest stage we’ve played on has boosted our confidence in our gameplay and even encouraged some of our players to pursue their dreams in esports as professional players. We will be ready for next season to come back stronger to defend our title!”

PVP Esports’ Season 2 adds new game Valorant to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Gamers have more to look forward to in Season 2, with changes made to the game line up and tournament categories. The PVP Esports Community Championships (Season 2) will introduce a brand new Open category alongside the Campus Championship, while Riot Games’ new first-person shooter PC game Valorant will make its PVP Esports debut, joining the perennial favourite Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The competition is all set to heat up across a wider swathe of the region, with participation growing to include two more countries: Brunei1 and Myanmar and a S$78,000 prize pool of cash and prizes.

Qualifiers will be held at the local level for each country from mid October 2020, and the country champions will battle it out for the ultimate glory at the Season 2 Regional Finals in December 2020. Teams from Singapore can register now for Season 2 at Registration closes on 30 September 2020 for the Campus Championship and on 18 October 2020 for the Open Championship. Registration details for the other countries will be announced shortly.

The PVP Esports Community Championships: Season 1 was supported by sponsors Gillette, Huawei, Razer and Royale Ergonomics and made possible in partnership with AIS, Globe Telecom, Celcom’s KEK and Telkomsel’s Dunia Games.

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1 Brunei will only participate in the Open Championships.

ANNEX: Regional Champions of the PVP Esports Community Championships: Season 1