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Winners of the F1 races Singtel Prediction Challenge

Singapore, 2 October 2008 – Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singtel) today announced the results of the Singtel Prediction Challenge for the 2008 Formula OneTM races.
Mr Bernard Lau, a 50 year old self-employed IT business owner, won with 1,483 points by selecting the top eight winning F1TM drivers from the races.
The game allowed Singaporeans to predict the outcome of the 2008 Formula OneTM races, starting with the fifth race of the season in Istanbul, Turkey, and ending with the Formula OneTMSingtel Singapore Grand Prix which was held last weekend.  Close to 2,100 participants took part in the Singtel Prediction Challenge. 
Since 9 May, participants had up to within an hour of each race to predict the eight fastest drivers in the qualification round and race.  Points were awarded according to the accuracy of each participant’s selections.
Mr Lau said:  “I am very excited and delighted to be the Grand Prize winner of the Singtel Prediction Challenge. To keep abreast of the latest race happenings in each country, I watched the races on television and surfed racing websites.  As a Singaporean, it was thrilling to contribute towards the race efforts and I am definitely looking forward to watching next year’s Grand Prix race.”  Mr Lau is a keen F1TM racing enthusiast and participated as a volunteer at this year’s races.
He walked away with a replica of the 2008 Formula OneTM Singtel Grand Prix Driver’s Champion Trophy, two hours’ exclusive use of the Singtel simulator with nine friends and a pair of Pit Grand Stand tickets to the 2009 Formula 1™ Singtel Singapore Grand Prix (worth about $3,000)
Mr Allen Lew, Singtel Singapore Chief Executive Officer said:  “As the title sponsor of the world’s first night race, we are pleased to bring the exciting F1TM racing experience closer to Singaporeans through innovative platforms like the two simulators and the Singtel Prediction Challenge.”

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