Singtel e-waste recycling programme


About the programme

Making everyday better means working and living in a sustainable and socially responsible way.


Since 2011, Singtel has provided customers, employees and the general public the means to recycle old mobile phones, accessories and chargers as part of our Project LESS (Little Eco StepS) Environmental Campaign.


In 2015, we are extending the programme to collect electronic waste such as laptops, tablets, phablets, hard drives and internet-related accessories such as modems, routers and cables.


Giving these devices new life reduces waste and ensures the valuable metals and components they contain get a new lease of life.

Why should I recycle

Did you know that almost 100% of the materials in your mobile phone can be recovered and recycled to generate energy or make new products, such as plastic products, electronics or even jewellery? Every mobile phone contains significant amounts of copper, aluminium, gold, plastic and other non-metals that can be recycled and reused.

How can I recycle


Gather your old mobile phones, accessories, chargers, cables, routers, tablets and laptops.


Back up the contents of the devices you intend to recycle, and format your devices. Remember to remove your old SIM cards and memory cards.


Drop off your devices in recycling bins located at Singtel Shops.

Locations with recycling bins:



Singtel shop ComCentre        Singtel shop Tampines Mall      Singtel shop Jurong Point


31 Exeter Road                         4 Tampines Central 5                   63 Jurong Point West Central 3


How the recycling process works

Have a look at how your used mobile phones are recycled.