Our Approach

Our people are integral to what Singtel stands for and everything we do. Our ambition is to be an employer that people are proud to work for. We achieve this through the care and equal opportunities we provide, in a workplace and culture that is diverse, inclusive and collaborative. We also challenge and develop our people to reach their fullest potential by providing them with a work environment that supports professional and personal development.


Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunities

Singtel strives to provide challenges and opportunities for our people and foster a work environment that supports both professional and personal development, teamwork and collaboration. We are committed to developing and maintaining an inclusive and collaborative workplace and culture where individual differences are recognised and valued.


The Singtel Code of Conduct for employees governs how we conduct ourselves in a multicultural environment and treat fellow colleagues with respect and consideration at all times, respecting the basic tenets of human rights. These principles are applied in our interactions, internally and externally, with our people, community and marketplace. 


We are represented by over 90 nationalities in our global workforce of about 23,000 people. We recognise and leverage the richness of our varied backgrounds, ideas and perspectives. The management of Singtel and the Union of Telecoms Employees of Singapore (UTES) share a joint belief in the importance of good labour-management relations. We actively involve the Union in all matters concerning our people. The Collective Agreement represents the strong labour-management relations between Singtel and UTES based on mutual trust, consultation, collaboration and shared responsibility. The Employment Partnership Agreement (EPA), a feature of the Optus culture since 1994, is a collective agreement made directly between Optus and our people in Australia.


Workplace Safety & Health

Singtel is committed to providing a safe work environment and our people have a personal responsibility to support this commitment. We are guided by our Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policy and have formed a dedicated Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Committee to build our WSH capabilities.


In Singapore, Singtel attained certification to bizSAFE Level 3, a programme that seeks to help companies build their WSH management capability. Our Procurement policy also requires our vendors to be bizSAFE certified before they can take part in our tender. Optus' health and safety programme is led by the Safety and Environment Leadership Council and is certified to the Australian and New Zealand OH&S Management Standard AS/NZ 4801:2001.


Singtel Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy


Singtel is committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment for employees, customers, business partners and visitors, and managing our environmental footprint through resource conservation and pollution prevention. Every employee has a personal responsibility to support this commitment.


To achieve our commitment, we will:


•  Understand and comply with all applicable HSE laws, regulations, guidelines and procedures


•  Provide a conducive work environment that supports well-being, healthy living, collaboration and work-life harmony


• Reduce our carbon footprint through environmental protection, resource conservation and waste reduction, as well as by managing the environmental impact of our operations


• Promote a culture in which all employees share our commitment in achieving the adopted standard for workplace safety and health practices, and managing our environmental footprint within our operations


• Educate our employees by providing information, instruction, training and supervision


• Identify and assess work and environment related hazards and risks


• Implement corrective and preventive measures


• Report and investigate work-related accidents


• Seek guidance and benchmark to continuously improve processes and prevent work-related incidents, injuries and illnesses


• Implement programmes to help employees better manage work-related stress and promote mental health


• Establish responsibilities, accountabilities and performance measurements including monitoring to ensure achievement of key targets and continuous performance improvement


• Provide resources to achieve the industry standards of HSE practices to gain the confidence of stakeholders such as governments, consumers and the communities in which we operate

Employee Well-being

Singtel is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment conducive to staff wellness and work-life integration.


We encourage our people to take control of their health. Gymnasiums are available at Singtel, NCS and Optus premises and healthy food is offered at all staff cafeterias. We offer free health screenings and disease management programmes to our people. Talks and programmes around various health and wellness themes are conducted regularly to create greater awareness and encourage them to lead healthy lifestyles. In Australia, our annual Health Expos at Optus host a range of talks, health screenings and programmes on health management. 


Various sporting and recreational activities are organised to cater to diverse interests, such as fitness classes (e.g. pilates and aerobics) and mass participation in national sporting events as well as other competitive and non-competitive sport and fun events.


The Group offers family-friendly policies such as flexible work schedules, telecommuting and various forms of family leave arrangements. Our people and their immediate family members also have access to professional counselling services on work-life issues through Employee Assistance Programmes run by external consultants.