Key takeaways

• While post-pandemic market volatility can tempt leaders to cut back on ESG initiatives to focus on cutting costs, it is possible to meet both goals.

• Inherently sustainable, 5G can supercharge ESG initiatives while achieving lower costs and better productivity.

• 5G can support projects that make your workplace more energy efficient and accessible. 

Meeting ESG goals in a volatile world

Sustainable by design: 5G supports ESG

Globally, transitioning to 5G could reduce CO₂ emissions by half a billion tonnes by 2030.

Enabling major ESG initiatives

Connectivity is the best way to improve the lives of people in rural areas. - UN Report

Improving urban and workplace sustainability

Smart cities

Radar and cameras cut down on vehicle idling, reducing emissions by 20% in Pittsburgh.⁸

Smart manufacturing

Repair time was halved, and fault detection increased by 15% in an Ericsson smart factory.⁹

Smart buildings

Energy savings were generated by calibrating the indoor lighting of a building in Singapore based on the sun’s intensity.¹⁰

Supercharge your ESG goals with 5G

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