Key takeaways

● Combining predictive AI with SD-WAN boosts the efficiency of SD-WANs optimisation functions.

● Predictive network maintenance ensures that your network remains healthy and minimises the costs of reactive repair.

● Locating the root cause of network issues or inefficiencies eliminates a huge resource burden on IT teams.

● Monitoring network conditions and cyber security threats helps to future-proof enterprise networks and bolster robust SD-WAN capabilities. 

AI-enabled SD-WAN is a powerful combination for NetOps

The AIOps solutions market is expected to be worth more than $40 billion by 2026²

How SD-WAN streamlines network operations:

Multi-path intelligence

Intelligently steers traffic to prioritise business-critical applications and seamlessly connects to cloud services

Extend managed WAN into the cloud

Retains visibility across both the WAN and the cloud and prioritises paths between multicloud environments

Automatic failover

Continuously monitors network conditions and makes on-demand changes if connection quality drops below an acceptable threshold

Load balancing

Maximises available bandwidth by  identifying and efficiently placing different data streams to avoid congestion

Predictive network maintenance

Field and service operations account for 60-70% of most telcos’ operating budgets⁴

Proactively resolve issues to minimise IT strain

By 2025, 40% of enterprises with SD-WAN deployments will use AI functions to automate Day 2 operations⁷

Enhanced cyber security monitoring

AIOps take your cloud-based network to the next level

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